New Year – New Start – Why Resolution is not the Solution

new-yearWe have closed out 2007 and are now ready to tackle the new year with life a vigor.  We claim our new year resolutions and what we want to do in 2008 and resolve it will put us in a better position this year than last.  For most people this becomes a fading thought as the year progresses and procrastination continues to creep up and steal hour after hour, day after day until we are celebrating another new year and listing the same resolutions we didn’t meet last year and the year before.

But why is it so hard to bridge and take action on the same old resolutions as we resolve to complete those we didn’t the year before while adding new ones to the ever growing list of never ending resolutions we never fulfill?  What’s the solution to this snow ball of piled up dreams?  We all realize the situation continues to worsen as we continue to put action on the back burner.  For example:  for the last 10 years you have made a resolution to loose weight, but you manage to gain more weight each year rather than loose.

Procrastination sets in and we fall back in to the same cycle of complacency.  The simple truth of the matter is that we must change our habits to effectuate any change in our lives rather than handling business as usual.

New Year’s seems to be the marker for us to evaluate where we are each year in respect to our goals, but we don’t have to wait until the New Year to implement a new plan to change our lives. Unfortunately, lack of motivation and in some cases fear of no resources hinders us from implementing our resolution.  Motivation is in the true catalyst for change.

Once you are truly ready to change/improve your life motivation kicks in and you seek the resources you need to make the difference in your life.  From writing a book, to loosing weight or starting a new career path, there are some sacrifices that must be made in order to achieve the goal.  Discipline is key to assure change, and it must be coupled with the faith and belief in self that you can do it.

Don’t wait until the new year to resolve you want to accomplish something or have some form of change in your life.  Move on your dreams daily taking one step at at time and be disciplined to stay the coarse.  For example: It takes discipline to loose weight, one must change their diet and begin an exercise program.  It takes discipline to write a book  or being a business, or to manage your time more effectively.

Most importantly, set a targeted date for completion and only share your new goal with someone you trust that will feed you positive reinforcement and help you stay on coarse to completion.

Resolve to be and do what you dream DAILY.  Don’t wait until the new year to make a resolution to do something.  What are you doing with the 364 days of the year that you can use to take action?  It only took you one to make the resolution, so you have plenty of time not only to get started but see it completed.  Now you don’t have to carry over this resolution into 2009.

New Year’s should not be filled with thoughts of what you didn’t accomplish, but should be filled with self-congratulation on what you did.  Having accomplished your goals for 2008 you will move freely into 2009 with a fresh list of goals that will set you up to continually improve your journey called life.

Take action today. Its your life, get busy living YOU!


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