Answer Me Oh Lord

I guess we never stop having questions or maybe we simply don’t wait for the answers.

The Serenity Prayer - Dr. Diva Verdun

You know Lord, I have seen many miracles in my L.I.F.E.  Many I cannot begin to try to explain. I have learned about long suffering, a process only time can mend. A process filled with the agony and pain of disappointment anchored in the faith of hope, trust and unconditional love.

Many things have been very painful, and it has been a painful road most of my L.I.F.E. However, I am learning that pain brings about understanding and through that understanding the demonstration of either more of the same, or something much better. I am learning to demonstrate through the alignment of my faith, and I am receiving manifestations quicker as I take knowledge in the fact that Everyday was created for My highest good.

I have walked this painful experience alone, in isolation, not wanting to hear the negative voices of others. My own thoughts are negativity enough to deal with.

It all takes a toll on not just the mind and spirit, but on the body too. Like all others, I to grow weary. So so tired. Maybe it is suppose to be this way so when we reach this place of dire fatigue we know it’s time to give it over to you Lord.

But we don’t. We never do.  We continue to carry our own burdens and struggle through a negative or painful experience wearing ourselves ragged at our own expense.

Why? I guess it’s because we are afraid to let you be God. We question our hearts, our thoughts, our capabilities, and even our very L.I.F.E. Worst, we even question You.

Can you really do what you promise, God? Can we depend on you? Can we trust you to rescue us from the trials we create that raise so many tribulations in our life? Will you come through? Why am I suffering through this?  etc… etc…

I guess this is the quest of human nature. Learning to trust over fear and doubt. It all boils down to just trust.

Trusting you seems so simple, but we don’t trust anyone when we have been so broken even though we somehow know you restore us and make us whole. What was that? Trust you to restore us you say?

If we trusted you from the beginning we never would get into the messes we create. We are children parading around as grown-ups. But grown-up into what?

Grown into a fool that experiences folly over joy based on our own discretion. A fool with a wish list for toys and gadgets that can’t fulfill our soul. A fool that can’t see the heart of a true love that will heal us whole. A fool that imagines a life we desire but reminds one’s self that it’s a dream that could never be realized. A fool bond to negative experiences because we can’t step out on trust.

I wish I trusted you so undeniably that I never had to wish for anything. I simply would know. I would know you are always there constantly making things work perfectly in my experience.

I would know that I deserve all the world can offer in all its glory because I am a child of a King put here to experience peace, harmony and abundance. I would know that Love is a constant in the Universe, it never changes. We move away from Love to satisfy our own greed or need. I would know that the more I practice loving me the more I experience true love in my life. I would know that housing and cars and clothing are there for me at a moments notice because time nor money are not an object for You. I would know that every resource is at my immediate disposal before I ever dream my dreams. I would know that my dreams are only my soul expressing its desire and that dreams come true only when I trust You.  I would know that you have always trusted me to do the right thing, even when I don’t do it right away.  You trust me to get to the place that I will make the right choices for me, which manifest my good.

It’s my turn now to realize that I can trust you. So I take the steps now Lord.

I trust you with all my heart to restore me and make me whole. I trust you to fill my days and nights with joy in my soul.

I trust you Lord for food to eat and a place to stay. I trust you Lord that you hear me when I pray.

I trust you Lord that I am healthy, well and able. I trust you Lord that I am prepared to achieve the dreams you placed on my table.

I trust you Lord as I kneel and pray. I trust you Lord with all my heart to restore me today.

Answer: From the Lord!

I Trust you just got your Answer.


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