Smile Classy Guy

Smile Classy Guy

I saw your picture and it was missing your smile.  You can tell so much about a person through their smile.  We wear them when we are happy, we force one when we are sad, but they speak more than words can say.  They share our triumphs as well as our pain and disappointments.

Smiling is a Universal Language
Smiling is a Universal Language

You know, my story is like so many others.  One filled with many challenges and tribulations.  My life has been a roller coaster ride because of the choices I have made.  I have always elected to live my life my way.  It’s a way that family and friends do not or cannot understand.  They can’t relate to the dreams that drive me to take the risk I do or make the decisions I make.  They have pointed fingers and called me crazy and placed badges and labels of judgment without merit.  They have withdrawn their love and moral support abandoning me to flip and flounder on my own, alone and scared feeling rejected and unloved. I kept moving through it all.  I kept believing in myself and taught myself that being crazy means that you refuse to comply to what most people consider being normal.  But I have never felt like I was normal.

Have you ever felt that you are here in this experience for so much more, to do so much more, be so much more.  Who wants to be normal?  I never have wanted to be normal.  So if not wanting to live the normal life and be quote un-quote “normal” means I’m crazy, then so be it.

Hey, for a crazy person, I have accomplished a lot.  I have had tremendous success and lost everything, I mean everything. I have been homeless and slept in the car.  I have been in love and felt the pain of rejection and loss.  I’ve been remembered and I’ve been forgotten.  However, the ups and downs of my life are what have made me the POWERFUL person that I have become and I am excited about living what I call the Job Syndrome rather than just having a J.O.B.  Funny how Job and J.O.B are the same word, but we are all having a Job experience in some form or fashion.

I believe that what we loose in life was not ours anyway.  All things are suppose to circulate in the Universe so that there is abundant flow.  The people or things we call ourselves possessing are only things when it all comes down to it.  Truly, all that we ever really own is our name and our integrity.  We even borrowed our bodies from the earth.  If our bodies were more than a possession then we would take them with us when we leave this experience, but we leave them behind with all the other stuff we accumulate.

When life is over and you move to the next experience, what’s left? The body goes back to dust and no one sees the coffin that goes in the ground after it is buried. What those you touched during your L.I.F.E. see is the memory of you. Your name is equal to that memory of you that they carry in their hearts.

Your name is YOU! It is ALL you built, it is your integrity, your thoughts, your deeds, your love and giving. It is not what you owned, not any of the things you possessed that makes the difference. IT IS WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR L.I.F.E. and how you touched people and added to their experience, which caused both you and those people you touched during your L.I.F.E.time to grow just a little bit more.

As a child I thought being an adult would be a big deal.  Truth is, being an adult just means we are a big kid with the capacity to exercise our free will without restraint from our parents.  (Unless you have emotional scars that instilled fears from childhood. However, you can overcome those too if you choose to.  It’s part of the restoration process. The Job Syndrome.) We parade around as adults because we are so grown and believe in our adulthood knowledge.  Unfortunately, we lack the wisdom to understand that we are always children to the upcoming year before us. We have never been a year older.  What will we discover next year that we lack the knowledge to overcome or handle this year?  We are children to the new us we receive with each new birthday.

We are perpetually one year old every year of our lives as we discover life anew experiencing life’s journey 12 months at a time. We grow up just a little bit more with each year adding the new year’s discoveries to our knowledge base.  As we get older we begin to gain wisdom, which helps us constructively use all the knowledge we have gathered along the journey.  We still make mistakes, some severe, some that depress us and some that cause us great pain.  But pain is our great teacher.  It is a warning indicator that we are going the wrong way.  The key is in learning to move as quickly through pain, fear and depression and to hold on to our faith in self, in Spirit and in our capacity to do great things in our lives no matter the challenges.

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you skinned your knee.  It really hurt, even when your Mom kissed it.  But somehow that kiss motivated you to move past the pain. You moved forward and forgot all about it acting as if  it never happened even though the big band-aid was there as a constant reminder.  You turned your focus back to playing, getting dirt and bacteria in the cut and not really caring if it stung a little cause Mom said it would be alright.  Sometimes you re-scraped it or the scab got pulled back and began to bleed, but it never ever hurt like it did when you first skinned it, you were to busy moving forward discovering life, playing.

As an adult we get stuck in our pain and forget how to play.  Life is suppose to be play, its all play.  We take life to seriously and stunt our growth by not moving forward after the pains of disappointment and defeat, not realizing that it’s all part of the learning process.

I have had a long journey til now.  One filled with so much pain and at times I couldn’t even find any joy in my soul.  I am ready to smile and enjoy my life adding to other people’s life experience.  I can bless them with my positive attitude and my smile.  It doesn’t matter what I am going through as long as I know that it is only part of the journey and that I can fix it anytime as long as I am committed to fixing me.

I can’t fix anyone else but me.  My job in this experience is to grow and live the experience that is my life and bless others from what I learn, not judge, not tell others who they are suppose to be and what they are to do and how they are to do it.  We all have a journey called life. We all are here to experience what life has to offer us. It can be a lot or it can be small,  it is our choice.  The Universe does not care which choice you make. It’s so simple. It’s all about you and all about me.  We simply have to choose.  The best part is we always have the option to change our minds, any time we choose.

Well in closing, like I said,  many do not understand the things I do and the sacrifices and the risk that I take.  At this stage in my life, my son is grown and supports himself, I have no grand kids and I am only responsible for myself.  I elected to take risk that are so big that most people would not think or even dare to move out of their comfort zone to the tip or edge of where I have dared to venture.  Yes it is scary, but with no risk there is no gain and the bigger the dream, the bigger the risk.  The payoff – the bigger reward, living the life of your dreams.

I have invested my life in what I am doing, all of my savings etc…  I sold my car, I moved out of my home, I sold all my furniture and all my worldly possessions to risk it all on the dream that Spirit birthed in my soul.  I have nothing else but that dream now. No worldly possessions and things.  They just aren’t as important as the achievement of the dream.  Funny how detaching from stuff changes your mind set. I still like nice things and desire to have them, it’s just different how I view it.  Accomplishing the dream is not about attaining things, its about living the dream, a life Spirit birthed in me that blesses others.  One that sheds light on their darkest hour and motivates them to dare to dream and press forward to win.

Many family and friends have abandoned me because they believe I’m crazy and maybe I am.  You see, what I have come to realize is that if I don’t dare to dream and dare to make it real in my life it will always only be a dream that I wished I had of moved on.  I will spend the rest of my life day-dreaming about a life I can only wish to have because I was to afraid to push the envelope to achieve it.

I am kissing 50 and looking it square in the eyes as it approaches. However, I feel younger than ever, revitalized, energized and happy to be alive.  I am not attached to things because I can attain them quickly and easily all over again, but if I don’t take the risk to do ME, my life will only have been a dream.

You ever think of how or why an eagle sours and a lion roars.  An eagle is king of the sky and a lion king of the land.  Both are very powerful and dare to do impossible things and they succeed.  An eagle dares to soar higher than high and does not flock with pigeons, he swoops down and catches one for dinner. A lion roars and scores fear in the jungle. Even animals bigger than the lion can not match his power, because the lion believes he is more powerful and is not afraid to exercise it.

I am the eagle and the lion and so are you.  We were crafted by the Divine Creator to be that way.  Superior to all the animals in the kingdom, including the lion.

My life story is one that will be a movie one day. I know that.  It’s an amazing tell of pain, risk and virtue.  I am living the happy ending now, moving into a place of peace in my own skin, knowing that Spirit provides all and that I am living my dream each and every day no matter if I have a little or a lot.

I know all to well the pain behind a smile.  I also know that sometimes it is difficult to force one out when that pain is so deep. So when I tell you to smile it means laugh on the inside, take life lightly.  Enjoy living in your skin and be a full soul because you are here right now breathing and living the journey.  Money, houses and things don’t make us who we are.  What makes us who we truly are is our SMILE.

Remember, you are crafted perfect, whole and totally complete by the Intelligent One Mind in every way.  Nothing is ever broken, not even a heart (although it may feel like it at times. Still the heart maintains a PERFECT beat and sustains you even through those times.  PERFECT and STEADY).  Nothing is ever lost because the Universe is truly Abundant and supplies your every need.  Nothing ever was broken or lost now, or will it ever be. You are Perfect, Whole and Complete in every way from birth.  Shake off the despair and depression, stand up, know your POWER and SMILE.


Dr. Diva


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