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Independence Day – Exercising Your Independence (Careers)

Exercising Your Independence to Live Free in your Career Path

Here in American we are celebrating Independence Day.  America’s birthday they say.  America exercised its Independence and created what we now refer to as the “greatest country on earth” because we have so much freedom and opportunity.

This Independence Day there is much to reflect on with all those that have died in the last few days.  From those in Iran during the elections, to some beloved celebrities 070703_fireworks_hmed_6aincluding Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and Steve McNair. Someone said it’s not a good time to be a celebrity.  Truth is, many people have moved on to the next experience.  These people are merely getting the media attention because they are public figures. Still the lessons here is very empowering.  What does Independence Day have to do with these people? Everything!

Each of these celebrities moved mountains in their careers. They changed the world.  They were all huge in their own celebrity status, maybe not as iconic as Michael Jackson, but they did all achieve a very high level of success in their own life journey. Each of them chose to go against the status quo to achieve their dreams and become the person we came to love and admire.  They exercised their Independence by becoming independent thinkers.  They disciplined themselves to listen to their soul and move on their dreams to fulfill their desires.

Independence is about being able to move out of dependence and into a state of self-mastery to achieve the highest levels and degrees of success possible for your life.

Your dream may not be to be a global icon like Michael Jackson or a football great like Steve McNair or even the pin-up model that Farrah Fawcett was.  Your dream may be simply to achieve a higher standard of living in your chosen career field and you can.

Independence is about being able to move on your dreams.  No one can accomplish it for you, no one.  It is a dream that lives only within you.  You must play the part in bringing it to life.  You are the one that gives it birth, no one else.  What’s that?  You say someone stole your idea.  No! It was not stolen, it moved into manifestation. Ideas are real living expressions that must come forth.  Everything starts with an idea. Everything.

The same idea is sprinkled over many different people just like seeds are sprinkled on the ground.  One will actually grow and develop because that seed has the positive energy within it and the determination to germinate and become the full grown plant.  Ideas operate just like seeds.  While you procrastinate to long saying you will get to it, you will plan it, or you don’t have the resources for it, someone is actually exercising their Divine Power to make it happen with the resources they already have, right where they are.  They know that all they have need of will come to them as they create the vacuum for Spirit to fill.  They take action on the idea and move into the level of success they desire for their lives.

Here is another example:  Let’s use music.  There are so many musicians all over the world.  They all have the inspiration to write and produce music.  They all sing and dance and entertain for a living.  The idea is the same for all of them.  They all have the seed.  Then a Michael Jackson type happens along (doesn’t seem likely, but it could happen… RIP Michael).  Anyway, this person has a bigger and broader vision and knows they can achieve it with the discipline and determination to see it happen and they never ever quit until they make it.  This is why we only have a handful of superstar entertainers.  Others are still singing for nickels and dimes to etch out a living as a starving artist in hopes that someone will discover them.  No one discovers you without you making some sort of impact.  Impact means you have to be different and do things that gain maximum attention.  You have to be an Independent Thinker and be willing to exercise your Independence.

Independent Career Choices

Many people are sitting on jobs they hate living for the weekend every weekend and unhappy every pay check because it is never enough to make the ends meet.  There is always too much month at the end of the money.  Then they get up and grudgingly go to work the next day, living for the following weekend.

People the weekend is only two days of a 7 day week.  You are not living for 20+ days in every month.  So out of 365 days in the year you are literally settling for living only 104 of them.  What happened to the other 261 days in each year?

While you sit and wait to be discovered or to be rescued from the monotony of the work cycle you are suffering from confining your spirit.  You were created to live a purpose driven life.  You have a dream you desire to live, but to live it in your lifetime you must take control and exercise your Independence.

Note: I am only using the 9-5 as an example here. There are as many people that are happy with their jobs as those that are unhappy.  Some have chosen this as their life path and that is fine.  We are not discussing those that are happy with the choices they are living.  Yes, you live the choices you make good and bad.  This is how much power you have.  Make another choice if you are unhappy.

If you have a dream to be an entrepreneur but you are working for someone else every day, what is holding you back from moving on your dreams? Oh, you say you have no money; you have no education; you have no resources; you have no contacts; no one will buy it; no one will understand you.  You have already sold yourself short. You have disempowered yourself in the process, crippling your dream and your motivation to achieve it.

Here’s the truthYou were created with a Divine and Perfect Purpose and it is the Passion that fuels your life.  It is what makes life worth living for you and it is what contributes to the world in a huge way.  You are here to LIVE not to mark days off a calendar until it’s the weekend.  Know that you are the POWER in the Universe and you have all you need within you to achieve the GREATNESS in reality that you already are.  You have the same power that a seed has.  A seed is so small in comparison to the tree that produces the fruit we eat.  Can you imagine having that kind of greatness within you?  You do!  You are the seed, and within the seed is everything that is needed to become the magnificent tree.

The gestation period for the seed is a miraculous change from the dormant state to one filled and beaming with life.  As the seed begins its new journey to become that which it knows it is destined to be, it does not fear the darkness of the earth; it does not fear the work necessary to dig deep and take root. It just pushes hard against the ground and arrives in the sunshine and grows to maturity as the majestic tree.  A baby does the same thing.  You were the baby that took lodging in the darkness of the womb. You gestated and grew to push through the birth canal.  It was hard work, really hard work, but you did not fear birth, you came into being and you are now here in all your POWER.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of mental foresight. It means you are willing to take the wild and crazy ride that the masses are not willing to take.  To take the risk of moving into levels of hardship that most would not and could not imagine doing themselves.  That is why you will be the one issuing pay checks to those that just can’t overcome their own fears to move on their dreams.

You see the dream is only the blueprint, you have to take action to build the project.  Being an entrepreneur, musician, artist, engineer, attorney, doctor etc… requires discipline and real work.  To one that much is given, much is also required.

To move on your dream you must first know that you have everything that you need for it to happen. Your job is to just keep moving.  Keep moving no matter the challenge or obstacle. Keep moving.   Entrepreneurs are willing to be broke and homeless. They are willing to be without social times and outings.  They are willing to allow family and friends to shun them and call them crazy.  They are willing to do whatever is necessary for the sake of the dream. Are you?

Here’s another thought I wanted to share also.  They only call you crazy because you decide to live your life against the direction of the wind or to swim upstream.  That is what being Independent actually is.  It is what the masses call crazy. Why? because you have to think totally different in order to be Independent. The masses (those that are not Independent Thinkers) always want to convince you that you will never get where you are going if you continue to swim upstream.  They mean well, but the problem is they simply can’t see where you are going. So just keep swimming. You’ll get there if you are determined to move through all adversity, challenge and opportunity.

Look, they told Obama he was crazy.  You’re black in America.  It’s not your time yet.  Wait.  He said no, this is my dream. You have heard him say.  It is our time, it is our moment.  Well he was saying that to himself first and he believed it and he shared it with us and we believed it.  Obama knew his Divine Purpose and chose his own time for his life journey.  He took action and kept moving and inspired the world with his tenacity and leadership and we followed him and created a movement together.

You are the leader of the movement that you were given the dream to design for your life.  Take action now and live it!  Live full and do not fear any setbacks.  Setbacks only mean go the other way.

Exercise your Independence and move freely into your dreams.

You can be and eagle or a pigeon.  Eagles soar alone and rule over the pigeons.   While the pigeons are flocking together talking about how crazy the eagle is for soaring so high in the sky cause he might burn up in the sun, the eagle swoops down and snatches a pigeon for dinner.  Which do you see yourself being? The eagle or the pigeon?

You were purposed for this life and for this time. You have something great to do with your life.  You will add greatness to those you touch and those around you.  You don’t have to be a Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett.  You only have to be YOU and move on that which you dream to do and live and move into a level of Joy and Abundance that you have never known before.

It’s your Independence Day – make your life happen.


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