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Independence Day – Exercising Independent Thinking

Celebrating Independent Thinking

Saying Happy Independence Day or Happy 4th of July brought about much contemplation for me.  It is a wonderful time to reflected on what does Independence Day really mean to me.


Truth is; do Americans really celebrate the Independence of our country or are they celebrating another holiday filled with BBQ, friends and family because that is what we have been programmed to do?  Are we simply celebrating the commercialism of it all?

July 4th is about the Independence of a group of free thinkers that broke away and formed what we now enjoy as a country filled with freedom and opportunity. The big question here is are we really free?  I mean truly free, free in mind?

Look at how we are programmed to go out and buy food, chips and fireworks for this one day.  Who decided that this is the way we are suppose to celebrate Independence Day?  Is everyone in the U.S. making BBQ today?  Don’t get me wrong, I love BBQ too.  But who decided what foods we eat on what days?  I mean have you ever thought about it?  Why do we have to wait until Thanksgiving to have Turkey?  Who decided that?

We live in a country where we are free, yet we are still mentally enslaved to commercial suggestions and made to believe they are traditions and we take it at face value.

Independence Day Declaration of IndependenceUnfortunately, Independence Day is not a day celebrated by all Americans as a day of true freedom.  African Americans were still slaves on July 4, 1776.  They were not free.  Indians were losing their lands and being pushed onto plantations. They were not free.  Neither were many other nationalities that came to the Americas.  They were not free either. What are we actually celebrating on July 4th?  Collectively as a people we are celebrating what?  Our Independence of what? We have gone from the signed constitution that represents freedom to mental bondage.

Today we are all more addicted to TV, video games, cell phones, food, drugs and every other product with high mass commercial appeal.  The more we are exposed to propaganda and advertising the quicker we flock in the direction of the most current trend that is presented and fall prey to the manipulation of concepts that are suppose to give us the so called American Dream.

How can we truly celebrate our Independence when we are so dependent on others for our own thoughts, concepts and traditions? Why do we have to get approval for our own thoughts and concepts before we feel comfortable to move on them? When did we become so dependent on outside influences to know who we are internally?

Independence Day is a day filled with celebration of what?  BBQ?  Fireworks?  It should be about more than that to each of us.

Becoming a person that can think independently of all the noise that is around you is standing in your own self-mastery.  If you believe the sky is blue, then do not allow yourself to be convinced it is yellow.

To be Independent in your own thoughts means you are willing to move in a direction of knowledge based on your own internal guiding system.  You are the POWER that knows all already, however we too often allow our fears to cripple us in our own beliefs and immobilize us from taking action on that which we know to do for ourselves.

Today is a day that one should take action for self.  Be independent in your own thoughts and know that it is ok for you to be different.  It is what makes this world so colorful.  If we are all thinking the same and doing the same thing then there is no variety.

Being a dependent thinker means you are no better than cattle being herded in for the kill.  You will follow the path behind the others straight to the slaughter.  What cow looked up and thought they would not follow because it would mean their demise?  None!  Hey they are the meat on the grill right now.

You have a choice and you can be an Independent Thinker. It is where ALL your POWER resides.  It resides in the POWER of your own mind.  It resides in the POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS.  Do not allow someone to feed to you that which you should be thinking and do not allow negative thoughts to steal from you that which you know to be yours.

Self doubt and back talk is the negative control system attempting to put you on auto-pilot to nowhere.  You have the POWER to take aggressive action and turn off the auto-pilot and move into the level of self-awareness that brings you the greatest joy, peace and abundance that you have ever known.

Is it easy to be an Independent Thinker?  No! No it is not.  Why? Because everyone else is a part of the herd and they can’t understand why you are trying to go against the way of the herd to do something different.  You will be accused of being crazy and going against the flow and many other things.  Well going against the flow is exactly what you want to do when the flow is not moving in the direction that you know to be true for you.  Only you know what you need to do to accomplish the dreams that you have.

Do not cast your pearls before swine because they will only trample them under their feet.  Your pearls are the thoughts that you have to move yourself in a better direction. To move to a higher station.  To take action.  To build your dreams. To have the best relationship. To get the education or whatever the desires of your heart are.

It takes courage to be an independent thinker.  To be an independent thinker you have to move past the race consciousness that tells you that you can’t accomplish your dreams.  This simply is not true.  You are the POWER that can do anything that you DREAM you can do.  You simply have to move freely in an Independent thought process knowing that you can depend on that which you know is resident within you.

With this decision you create your own resolution to begin your personal revolution.  You must fight in mind through the negatives and the fears that keep you from what you believe to be real for you.  Fight in mind to keep your dreams alive.  Fight complacency.  Fight to establish your own Independence within and live it.  It is an internal battle and YOU WILL WIN and Live the LIFE you DREAM.


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