9 Common Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Do you continue to do things that are no longer fun, ineffective or possibly dangerous?

Do you put others’ needs before your own?

Do you have negative thoughts and complaints?

If so, there are subtle patterns of sabotage, also known as The Nine Scoundrels, which negatively affect you and keep you from creating your ideal reality. What are these patterns?

1. Complacent Scoundrels stay in subpar situations, afraid that a new situation might be worse. This helps you stay committed to things, but it also keeps you stuck. Break out of it, by changing your perception, some aspect of the situation or move on.

2. Delayed Gratification Scoundrels look forward to future happiness. This impedes the fun in life, sometimes indefinitely. They look forward to five o’clock, Friday, losing five pounds or retirement. Instead, be happy with your life as it stands now.

3. Addicted to Misery Scoundrels see themselves as victims. They complain about bad weather, health problems, politics and the economy. Take action toward a positive change or stay silent. Break the blame and complain routine. Be responsible for your own happiness.

4. When life is good, Fear of Happiness Scoundrels await the certain tragedy that will arise at any moment. Release your fear. Find joy in daily activities. Nurture yourself with luxury in simple or extravagant ways. Splurge without guilt.

5. Martyr Scoundrels give up their free time, hobbies and special events to help others. Passive, they find it difficult to say no. Realize that the more you give yourself, the more you can give others. Shift your priorities and put yourself first.

6. Negative Thinking Scoundrels assume the worst and view life with skepticism. By avoiding negative chatter, this scoundrel disappears. Train the mind to obliterate negative statements and the words: I can’t. I don’t know. This is hard. Recognize your accomplishments. Stay positive.

7. Resentment, anger and shame fuel Stuck in the Past Scoundrels. These scoundrels are bound to past events. Cut these ties by healing and releasing the past. Do not take things personally. Move forward on a path focused in the present.

8. Moving from one task to the next without pause,Forward-Thinking Scoundrels live with urgency and impatience. Rid yourself of this scoundrel by slowing down and relaxing. Stop multi-tasking. Avoid racing through life, so goals can be accomplished with ease and efficiency.

9. Grass is Greener Scoundrels seek external happiness. Filled with envy, they look beyond their talents, possessions and status. Recognize the perfection in your life with gratitude. Release competition. Use jealousy as a tool for attaining what you really want.

Now that you are aware of these nine common patterns of sabotage, take necessary action to excel in all aspects of your life.

Reprint of original article by Deanna Reiter, MA


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