“Forgiveness is setting someone else free and then realizing that you were the prisoner.” -Max Lucado

“Forgiveness is setting someone else free and then realizing that you were the prisoner.” ~Max Lucado

To wake and realize that you have been suffering in a prison of your own making through the pains you continue to carry based on what someone else did or didn’t do to you is like arising from the dead.  You are finally free of the chains in your mind that keep you from moving forward in your life.

Forgiveness is a special act of giving to yourself in actuality.  You do not have to announce to anyone that you have made the move to forgive someone.  If you do choose to share with someone that you forgive them it may be what they need to move in the power of forgiveness themselves.  Be aware of your motive for sharing you forgive someone or ask for their forgiveness.  It must be with pure intent to move forward in peace and love, friends or not.

Forgiveness is a conscious act that you move through in your own mind and soul.  Once you have released the pain and made peace with that which was you embrace the message that it has taught you and understand that it was all meant for your own growth.  Through forgiving you find a new peace and a strength to continue on your life journey as the doors open and welcome you into new and wonderful experiences.

Today, I speak truth into the light of the Universe for you knowing that you have found the peace in mind and the place in heart to forgive and release all that has hurt you, because the good news is you are still standing.  You have found the power to move forward and release the pain from stifling your success freeing you to LIVE YOUR POWER.

I know that in this moment you understand fully that the power of forgiveness is totally for you and not so much about the other person.  You are free and living a new peaceful expression as you come to understand the new you.

And so it is

Note:  Be cautious. Forgiveness and forgetting are two different things.  We can’t forget the experience because it is where the lesson lies.  We choose to not be hurt and carry a grudge or allow the experience to create negative feelings within us toward ourselves and others.

Be free today and LIVE YOUR POWER



5 thoughts on ““Forgiveness is setting someone else free and then realizing that you were the prisoner.” -Max Lucado

  1. This is a timeless post Diva! It reminds me also of the flip side of forgiveness and how as a child and even adult I tend to forgive and mostly forget so easily. I recall the times when I’d have to forgive my mother and even my father as well as my sisters – over and over. Yet there are limitations and boundaries, I’ve learned on my personal path, and that is….it can become a wear and tear on your soul when you keep forgiving, yet forgetting and returning again and again to those who continue to hurt and deplete you. Beyond forgiveness are the lessons of discernment which I have had to learn the hard way in this lifetime. I am standing much stronger now. Forgiveness has many faces that the human experience has yet to explore.

    Thank you my dear Diva!

  2. What a wonderful post. I’m commenting on this because forgiveness has been a constant theme of my life. I really can’t add any more to the importance of forgiveness, or its REAL impact, so I’ll simply share this story.

    As a pre-teen, I suffered great emotional stress from an adult that was close to me. So much so that I had constant nightmares about him throughout my adult life. I never told anyone about these nightmares. I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, with his voice ringing in my ears, ducking from a punch or a slap that I hadn’t experienced in years….

    After I was baptized a few years ago, one of my first prayers was to have the opportunity to speak to him so that I may tell him of the impact he had on my life, and to have the opportunity to forgive him, face to face. Because of the distance between us, that meeting never took place, and the nightmares continued sporadically.

    Finally, one night, I had another dream of him. This time, we were both sitting at a bar. He told me that he was sorry for what he had done, and that he felt terrible. I told him that I was saved, and that if I was to ask for forgiveness for all that I had done, how could I not forgive him? So I did.

    I have not dreamed of him since. I am free. And I am happy. Thank you for posting this and allowing me the space to share this story. May it be as much a blessing for others as your post has been for me.


    – Steve

    1. Steve,

      Emotional trauma from our childhood is the most severe. It stunts our growth and affects the decisions we make as adults. It is a testament to the internal work when one can rise above these negative emotional tapes that continue to fire negative dreams and emotional turmoil in our adult lives leading to erroneous actions based on a corrupted belief system.

      Forgiveness opens one to the healing process so that they may be as you say, FREE!

      Congratulations on taking the internal journey to clear your emotional space. As you stated you are now happy, and that is a direct result of the work you have undertaken on self.

      To see you take this work further by going out to empower others in their quest brings me great joy. You are truly Living Your POWER and sharing with others how they can achieve success in their own lives. This is the key that opens the vault to all that you dream. Continue to LIVE YOUR POWER, you are a true gift of light in a dark room.



  3. For a long time, Diva, I was looking for myself. What is my message to the world. There is something that I must share with everyone through writing and speaking. I just did not know what that message was. It eluded me. Oh, it hurt me. I spoke and wrote and chatted and counseled and no message moved my heart, mind and body as much as the message of forgiveness.

    I was writing my Christmas post this morning and you came to mind. So, I added you to my facebook and twitter and I looked up your blog, in which I have read many times. Your top post. You uppermost quote is on forgiveness. There is so much alignment here.

    There is a quote from The Shack by William P Young — paraphrased “Forgiveness is taking your hand from around the other persons neck.” Then beyond the quote it explained that you realized that you were only choking yourself. My cousin and I were discussing this the other day.

    I was chatting with her about the healing art of forgiveness: Ho’oponopono. I love it! Thanks for sharing this post Diva. I hope to connect with you soon.

    1. Remember we evolve daily. Do not stress on the message as it will continue to mature and take seed as you grow. You will continually have more to share as you experience the depths of your own soul and come into a new awareness of self. Life is a beautiful journey. We tend to get to caught up in drawing the road map over enjoying the ride. Know that you are always living your power no matter what that seems to look like daily. You are always living the life journey and each day you travel a few more miles towards self-enlightenment. Some days there will be snow and rainstorms along the path. Some days we have break downs or run out of gas. Its all a part of the journey. The key is to keep traveling knowing that you will arrive at the destination called YOU! LIVE YOUR POWER my sweetheart. LIVE IT! KNOW that all you DREAM is yours, call it in!!! I love you! Merry Christmas! ~Diva

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