The Secret - Lives Within YOU!

What’s the Key to LIVING YOUR POWER? What’s “The Secret”?

What do you really want in your life?

How do you manifest your dreams?

How do you overcome depression and bad health?

How can you attain wealth and prosperity?

How do you learn to unlock the very power that lives within you?

To Live Your Power you must first understand who you are and how you work.  Understand your thoughts and beliefs and how they play a major role in manifesting both good and bad in your life.

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I was ministering to someone that has recently had a stroke and sharing with him how he can get up and LIVE HIS POWER!  The following video came to mind to share with him and it really sparked something in his soul.  This promotional video of “The Secret” is very well done and extremely engaging.  Bravo to the producers!

After recommending it to him, I watched it again and was even more inspired today than I was several years ago when it was first produced.  For those that have watched the full video or read the book “The Secret” you know the power of this piece of work.  However, re-watching it will engage you again even more.  For those that are new to this thought process you will find yourself motivated and thirsting for more knowledge on how to LIVE YOUR POWER to manifest more in your life.

Living Your POWER is my new tag line, but it is so much more than just words.  It is my way of conveying to you the depth of your truth! It is you living YOU!  All of your life has been spent learning just how to do this NOW!  You have been evolving into the fullness of YOU since you were born.  You had this tremendous POWER from the time of conception.  You Have POWER Unknown Even at 12 Weeks oldImagine your POWER as a 12 week  old fetus.  You chose LIFE and demonstrated your POWER by growing from a tiny little micro cell to the miracle of birth, and now you are the full grown YOU.  That is pure greatness!  To be so tiny and grow to be a full grown person.  It’s Awesome!  It’s a Miracle!  It’s the Miracle called YOU!

Know that Life is simply our classroom to learn who we truly are as Spirit beings and how to operate in the Divine POWER that was birthed with us as us.

All of the sages of old came to teach us this very truth about ourselves.  How we can manifest our greatness through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  To LIVE YOUR POWER you must first begin with knowing that you are the Divine manifest in human form here to experience life in all its glory through your eyes and actions.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you always had the POWER to LIVE YOU!Remember, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?  She had the power to go home all along.  Well like Dorothy you have the power all along to BE that which it is you dream to BE.

So how do you get there?

1) The first step is to understand that you are more than just someone here to exist through what ever happens to you. Take control of your life by first knowing that you make the decisions either consciously or unconsciously to live the life you are living.

2) Align yourself with your true nature! Know that you are the miracle of birth, the living manifest power of Spirit in the flesh, here to live a life that only you can live.  You are here to give to the world the dreams that can only be manifest through You!  Know that your life affects people in so many miraculous ways.  It’s why we grieve so much when someone that has touched us makes their transition.

3) Understand that all of life operates according to Universal Law.  Example: Gravity – it is a law in the Universe.  We can’t see it but we know it works and we abide by how it works to use it effectively.  You don’t jump off a building because you know gravity exist and you will fall to your death. Understand that the Law of Attraction as mentioned in the book/video “The Secret” is one of many Divine Principles to be embraced to exercise your POWER to manifest your Dreams.

4) Be totally open to a new awareness of L.I.F.E. (Live in Full Expectancy) and do not fear it shaking out people, places, thoughts and things that no longer serve you.  It will loose concepts and belief systems that you felt strongly about, thoughts you have believed in error for decades due to religious dogma or erroneous thinking.  Allow them to fade away as you embrace YOUR POWER.  It is called New Thought for this very reason.  (In Christian terms it is referred to as being born again, the renewing of your mind.)  It IS the re-birth of a new consciousness. Be fully open to it as you learn new information and find new realizations leading you to higher levels of awareness.

5) Practice moving negative thoughts by allowing them to fly out of your mind like a flock of ducks flying over head.  Don’t fight the negative thoughts, allow them to pass through.  Release them as freely as they come.  It is when you shoot the duck you own the meal.  That is how the negative thoughts get stuck in mind causing great damage.  Practice positive thinking and feeling good.

I so want you to FEEL ALIVE and know that the very Spirit that lives with in you is filling you with LOVE, PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE in every moment. Know that you are here to Live a L.I.F.E. (Live In Full Expectancy) filled with all the good that you have dreamed of.

Know that you have the POWER living right inside of you to BE the POWER that is YOU! LIVE YOUR POWER!  LIVE IT!  FEEL IT!  BELIEVE IT!  BE IT!



(stay tuned for more on this topic… coming soon)


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