New Year - New You - Dr. Diva Verdun

Setting New Year’s Resolutions That Work! From Resolution to Solution

We start every year with great intentions to resolve whatever we felt we didn’t the year before or maybe even years before.

So why is it without fail every year those New Year’s resolutions just become a passing thought until next year when we put them back on the list again?

Let’s look at what a resolution actually is first.

According to Random House Dictionary a resolution is defined as:

res·o·lu·tion  /ˌrɛzəˈluʃən/ [rez-uh-loo-shuhn]

1.   a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
2. a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy, etc…
3.  the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
4.  the act or process of resolving or separating into constituent or elementary parts.
5. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
6. the resulting state.

From reviewing the definition of resolution it is easy to understand why most of our New Year’s Resolutions simply do not work.  We must first be totally committed to the new outcome and move our mental state to a place where we are firm in our purpose.

As well, we do not have to wait until the end of a calendar year to resolve to make any changes in our lives.  We can make a resolution to commit to last year’s resolution, or set a totally new one in place anytime.

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Resolutions are only the tip of the iceberg in your new process.

So how do you move from the state of a verbal resolution to the mental solution?

1)  Thoughts – For a resolution to become your solution, you first have to do some mental house cleaning.  The reason you have not accomplished this task in the past has a lot to do with your emotional state regarding what you are resolving you want to change.  It could be your weight or a new career, or whatever.  First you must sit with your thoughts and empty yourself of all the negative thought processes you have surrounding your desired new outcome.  If it is your weight, maybe you don’t really believe you can accomplish the task of loosing 40 or 50 lbs.  If it is your career, you aren’t sure what direction you want to go with your career. Maybe you fear you lack the skills or talent. Maybe all you know is you just hate your job.

Whatever the resolution is that you are setting you must first begin by resolving all the negative thought processes that are crippling you from moving freely on the desired new outcome.  It all begins in your mind.  Any strong emotion repeated often enough programs the subconscious mind to create exactly what you are thinking about.  What are You Thinking

So, what are you thinking about?  Explore all of your thoughts and find the one’s that are giving you the strong negative feelings that have surrounded this task making it so unreachable for you in the past.

Visual images caused by doubt, frustration, anger and worry are all negative emotions.  They hold you back from your good fortune and promote circumstances and events in your life that cause more frustration, anger and worry.

Keep all negative thoughts from entering your mind, this can destroy the entire visualization process. Your subconscious mind will not act on anything positive if there are negative thoughts associated with it in anyway.

Take control of that inner voice within your mind and see to it that all your self-talk is positive.

For example:  you may say to yourself that every time you have started a diet program you have failed cause the weight won’t come off or you don’t have the time etc…  so you have resolved in your mind that you are a failure at loosing weight.  So even the best intention to achieve your resolution this year will eventually fail as these negative thoughts begin to stand tall and take control of your new direction.  You have to up root the negative thoughts and replace them with loving thoughts knowing you have the power to achieve anything you desire in your life.

Begin by focusing on your desire, not the reason why not.  (Remember, you can only eat an apple one bit at a time, so don’t force your thought, just allow it to totally agree with your new found you)  Affirm that you can do whatever is required to achieve the desired outcome, because you can, and know that what you desire WILL come forth.  Stay positive, watch your thoughts and up root those negatives with quick affirmations like – No! I don’t hear that. I’m winning now!  I’m positive now! I am a Winner NOW!

2)  Goals – According to the definition above, the resolution is only the firmness of purpose.  It is the act of determining a course of action, method or procedure to accomplish  something you desire.   Well to the subconscious mind that doesn’t mean anything.   The resolution itself has to transformed into a goal.  You have already resolved that you were going to take a certain course of action this year, but what is that course?

Set Clear GoalsAs long as the resolution is a vague concept you cannot seed it into your subconscious mind.  It has to take root in order to produce for you that which you desire.

Sit with your resolution and decide what is the course of action that you have to take in order to achieve it.  What do you need to learn?  Do you need new tools? (resume, tennis shoes, weights, networking etc…) Sit down and set the goals in place.  If it is loosing weight, then know how much you want to loose and by when? Now back that goal out into how many lbs. you have to loose a week and what you need to do to accomplish the task and stay on track.  Once you have the goals set in place chart your action plan and put a deadline on it.

2)  Commitment & Focus – Set your intention in mind and commit to carry it out to the end.  This requires discipline.  Once you have your written goals and your plan of action draw up a contract with yourself.

Contract with Self to Achieve Your Goals

Put your contract somewhere that you will see it every morning and every night. You want to remind your subconscious mind every chance you get.  The best time to do this is when you are first awaking and before you go to sleep.

Now get up each morning with the new mindset that you are now in the process of achieving the new goals you set for yourself this year.   Stay committed and focused on the new task at hand.  No matter how much work it may seem to be or how difficult, focus on the end result because that is where the victory is.

Congratulate yourself each night for completing the daily task that are necessary that whittle away at your goal list. Break down the task into daily to do lists so the task doesn’t seem so big.

3)  Visualize – Now that you have cleared all the negative thoughts and know how to control them, you have a concise plan of action with daily goals set and you are totally committed and focused, you are now moving your resolution into a solution.  Now the biggest key is seeing the end result NOW.  Use your imagination to visualize yourself with the victory of the outcome you are working towards.

This is not forcing your will or daydreaming.  It is seeding the subconscious mind with mental pictures of that which you desire knowing it will produce for you just as the ground brings forth the tree that bears fruit from a tiny seed.  You are now allowing change to happen through your creative and imaginative mind action.  What we expect, believe, and PICTURE, we usually get. Both good and bad.  So be careful with your thoughts and mental pictures.

Read More About Creative Visualization to Manifest Your DreamsBy using the natural process of visualization you are deliberately directing your energy toward your desired outcome.  For example:  You envisioned owning a new car or a new pair of shoes or whatever.  You could see it plainly in mind, exactly what you wanted.  You went shopping to find it knowing exactly what you were looking for because you visualized it already.  When you saw it, you knew it was the right one and all the financing you needed just happened to be in place to buy it at exactly that moment. Why?  because you used creative visualization to manifest something you desired to have.  Your resolution is no different.  Visualize what you desire exactly as you would experience it.  What would it feel like?  What do you feel like?  What do others say to you?  Move through every experience of it!

Take it a step further and create a visualization journal.  Find pictures of what you desire in magazines or take photos.  Assemble them in your visualization journal and visit it daily to see yourself being it, owning it, experiencing it, whatever it is.

Change your language to agree with your thoughts and your visual images.  Change I’m trying to I’m doing it now.  Change statements like I’m going to do it to I am doing it.  Remove words like can’t or don’t.  There is either you can or your not.  Either you do or not.  The subconscious does not know what can’t or don’t mean. So it just sits and waits for a firm directive backed with firm belief and emotion.  You Will or not.  You CAN do it!  By combining words with feelings and images, we can be more effective in programming the subconscious to manifest conditions that we desire.

5) Take Action – Now that you have everything set in place to WIN!  Go WIN!  Take action!  Get busy doing what you do and what you know you need to do!  Know that each step you take daily brings you closer to your desired goal. Most things take time to manifest.  For example:  Loosing weight.  take actionDo not expect to be at goal in 48 hours.  That is unhealthy and unrealistic.  Besides you are working toward a long lasting and life renewing result not a temporary fix.  Note: make sure you are loosing the weight by your own choice and no other influence.  This holds true for any goal you intend to accomplish.  This will give you the greatest resolve to stay the coarse to WIN!  Why?  Because you are doing it for YOU!

The whole process of resolutions are about you anyway.  So if you are taking on a new resolution to make someone else happy, think again cause the resolution will not stick again this year.  Why? Because it is a resolution you are committing to for someone else’s happiness or vision of who they want you to be.  It is not your own.  For resolutions and goals to work, they always have to be about YOU!

Know it is OK to be about your own business.  It is OK to invest time in bettering YOU for YOU not for anyone else.  It will make you feel better and better about yourself and you will see more blessings in the relationships around you because you have established a program of taking care of YOU first.

LIVE YOUR POWER in 2011 and beyond.



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