Delve into Twelve: Resolutions Work When You Do! (2012 New Year’s Message)

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Every year I write an article for New Year’s and one for the 4th of July, speaking annually about resolutions and independence.  Why?  Because if you are not an independent thinker then you probably will be to caught up in fear of what you have been told to stretch your thought process long enough to stick to your new year’s resolutions.  So again this year I like to address the reasons why resolutions alone don’t work, but share a different approach in hopes to ignite the truth that already lives within you.

2012 is a new year of great change

Change is referenced in the numbers themselves.  In numerology 2012 is a five year (add the numbers together to get one single digit). Five is a number that invariably brings change.  Metaphysically, the number 12 itself is a mystical number indicating completion and spiritual fulfillment.  It is because of these symbols 2012 is claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse).

Slow down, don’t close your mind here, stay with me and stay open.  The word apocalypse is not a word to fear.  It merely means prophetic revelation, it is not truly about death and destruction.  It is the cataclysm of the forces of good permanently triumphing over the forces of evil per Biblical references.  So what does this have to do with us and the New Year?   Amazingly, it has everything to do with us. Why?  Because 2012 is a year filled with tremendous energy which can be used both positively and negatively.  So by charging ourselves positively we are prepared to move into the full awakening of the truth of our own BEINGness this year. 

See as we move into the new year we now move into a new level of awareness and we find the prophetic voice within sharing with us what we need to know to move into a new experience of our lives.  The voice is loud within us, it signals a new direction and an urgency to move on our dreams like we never have before.  It signals that we are not just moving into a new year, that we are moving into being a new creature as well.

To simply resolve to make a few simple goals is not enough for us this year.  We want action and we want results It is the Spiritual birth of a new dawn within, the new revelation, the apocalypse.  The destruction of our old thoughts and old habits is at bay, if we allow ourselves to move into this newness.

Delve into Twelve because in this year 2012, we want to move deeper into the understanding of who we are so that we can make the necessary changes to grow beyond leaps and bounds to explore the glory of living fully this year and every year afterward.

You see, everyday is a day of change.  New Year’s Eve is only one of 365 days in a year that all come packaged with an eve before the dawn.  We resolve to move ourselves into the newness of our being on a daily basis, not just waiting for the conclusion of 364 days to begin a new cycle on the close of the 365th day.  We get an opportunity to live a new cycle in every breathe.  These are the eve of our new life, as we die between each breathe and are reborn anew.  Every eve is an opportunity to resolve a new path.  It is our eve of something that will be new to us.  We do not have to wait for that eve to happen once a year, we can take advantage of the eve at anytime we choose.

Our resolutions seem to never come to pass because we choose to wait until that one eve comes along every 364 days to make a list of all the things we wish to change in our experience.  The list can be long or the task can be so overwhelming that we never fold it into our existing lives and for many a drastic overnight change is not possible, because if you want to loose weight, you won’t loose 20 lbs before morning.  If you want a new job, you have to interview or get new education. If you want a mate you have to find someone.  The challenge is to great, so the resolution will fade yet another year as we go back to our comfort zones no matter how uncomfortable we may be.

Our resolutions can’t work without commitment and fortitude to change our thoughts and habits to make them a part of our life to create a new experience.  We have to stop being so busy doing things as usual to allow ourselves the opportunity to make some adjustments if we want to take advantage of the newness we want to bring into our experience.  Again, all of this can be resolved by taking advantage of all our eves rather than waiting until the one day a year to list a life’s worth of desires for change that will build a list so overwhelming that we just rather stay the way we are.   You see, if we move into the new year with the same thoughts, the same inner turmoil and conflict, the same feelings and the same victim mentality we are setting ourselves up for failure again this year as we loose sight of our list of resolutions and move back into our system of complacency and business as usual.

The difference this year is we each can FEEL something changing.  Why? Because it is Spiritual, it is in us to feel it as Spirit is moving something new and we are all being molded in one way or another into a new creature even if we are not consciously aware of it.  For those of us that are, we can use this apocalypse or revelation as the catalyst we need to catapult us into a totally new experience as take advantage of the cyclical factors that we are moving in ether as the stars align to transform our experience.  You can feel it!  I know you do!  We all feel it!  It is a rumble that you feel in your Spirit!  It is a quake or shake in your soul!  There is something that you know that is truly different about this New Year than any other!  But maybe you don’t consciously know it is there.  You just feel it!  This is the apocalypse, the revelation, the spiritual transformation we feel.  It is the spiritual movement that is thundering through each of us shifting our very experience into a higher level of thought and thinking even if we may not be aware of it.  Use it to LIVE YOUR POWER and Delve into 2012.

For those that are in depression and crisis, they feel it too.  They feel the need to move now into a new dynamic of their life as the forces align and swept them into this newness of Life that is coming forth.  Change is inevitable and we will experience it this year on many grand scales.  Add to this flow of change that which you want to experience in your life and commit to it.  Delve into Twelve because in this year, 2012 we want to move deeper into the understanding of who we are so that we can make the necessary changes to grow beyond leaps and bounds to explore the glory of living fully this year and every year afterward.

You don’t need a list of resolutions, just take one thing and resolve to work on it until you see it happen, then use the very next eve afterward, the next day, the next breathe to move on the next task you want to undertake.  Resolve to not carry the same issues, problems, and drama into the new year.  Change your thinking and see LIFE open before you.  Each day we are given an opportunity to experience the newness of L.I.F.E. itself. We can resolve to have change at anytime we choose.  Anytime!

We never fail or loose anything in the process of our life journey. This is our classroom. We each are moving forward perfectly in a planned progression of lessons. We are here to experience all of L.I.F.E. fully in every measure: this is the more abundantly that was promised. LOVE, Peace, Joy, Health, Prosperity and more…. Oppression, Anxiety and Depression are not part of the promise of abundance. We experience these when we are stuck in our own carnal thinking resulting in a blockage of the Divine Flow which connects us to all of L.I.F.E.

Learning to Live YOUR POWER means you will need to stretch yourself to BE that which you were created to BE by reaching through ALL your Fears. Your Purpose for BEING is to LIVE, and through living YOU, you will receive more so that you are capable of giving more, thereby adding fluidly to the cycle of life.

Know the truth of your BEING. You are created in the Divine Image of the Almighty. You are perfect, whole and complete as YOU. Remember, the Almighty took an assessment after creating all and said it was ALL VERY GOOD! That includes YOU! We are born into sin, which merely means we are born to make mistakes. However, because the Almighty lives within each of us we are always carried through by grace as we continue to explore the gift of L.I.F.E. in this journey.

Learn and receive the gift of LIVING from L.I.F.E. itself and this year resolve to change your thoughts to receive the freshness of the life experience daily, not just annually.  This year is YOUR YEAR to LIVE YOUR POWER FULLY!!! Change your thoughts and change your LIFE!!! Change them right NOW!

Enjoy this year an Adventure-Rich, Happy NEW YOU!


Ashe’  Namaste!



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