Today's Prayer Treatment - Dr. Diva Verdun Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Live Your Power and Manifest All Your Dreams! ~Dr. Diva Verdun - Prayer TreatmentDivine Infinite Intelligence,

Today I move my L.I.F.E. into Action.  I remove the breaks of fear and doubt to stretch into the experience I desire to live.  I fine tune my focus to be mentally alert to my thoughts to know I am worthy of all I dream. I realize my focus has been caught up on what I thought was the reality of my experience and thus aligned with lack and limitation.  I wholeheartedly change my focus today knowing that all good is mine as I accept it to be so.

Today, I accept the Infinite store of abundance in every measure into my L.I.F.E.

I AM gentle with myself as I learn to uproot my negative so called reality thoughts to move them into alignment with the reality of who I truly AM, the Divine in manifest form, here to live a fully abundant experience. I take the peaceful pace into my new reality and I AM not in a hurry because I know that all good manifest for me as I align my thoughts with the reality of truth.  The truth that I am and have always been an abundant child of the Creator.

I let go of my need to be in a hurry to get my L.I.F.E. to any certain destination.  I have a goal and a plan and I take action to move towards my dreams because I have always been on the Divine path to manifest my desires even though it may not have felt like it.  All that I desire is manifest as I realize and focus on the truth of my BEINGness because it is always done unto me as I believe.

I release anxiety, fear, doubt, disbelief, lack and limitation and chose now to fully focus on abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, happiness, love and harmony because I realize that I manifest quickly that which I focus upon.  Thus, when I focus on the negative outcomes, I AM challenged to overcome.  When I focus on the Promise, I AM positive and assured in every outcome.  I now realize that the promise is my gift for ME to enjoy. I AM promised I can live L.I.F.E. and live it more abundantly.  I realize that as I focus on the Promise I mentally and positively affirm my choice for  L.I.F.E. which in turn prospers me with the experience of  more abundant L.I.F.E.

Today, I choose to Live as the creation that I AM!  An Abundant and Worthy Child of the Creator, born to live the promise, born with the well of blessing that opens and gives forth all I need and desire, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

And so it is.

Ashe’ – Amen


I love you!



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