Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine Creator, Infinite LOVE and all JOY;

I chose to be happy in my own L.I.F.E.  I know that happiness is an inside job and I work on my own emotions and feelings to connect with the joy Live Your Power and Manifest All Your Dreams! ~Dr. Diva Verdun - Prayer Treatmentof my own BEINGness.  I know that I am good, worthy and deserve all that I desire in my experience, so I do not worry about outside appearances because I know that as I experience the good within my own soul and find my own happiness I attract through my joy and happiness all that I desire in my experience.

All is Good in my experience RIGHT NOW.  I find within myself every reason to love myself and I am not dependent on anyone to simply feel the joy of a smile within.

When I feel low and sad, I reach within myself to find that which reminds me of the POWER of who I truly AM.  I know that I hold the key to my own happiness, and that I alone have the POWER to remove the negative tapes in my thoughts that keep me from experiencing my joy.  I remember that I am the Divine in manifest form and that there is absolutely nothing that can harm me, or defeat me.  I know that I have tremendous love in my experience because I love ME and the love I have for self means I AM fully in love with Spirit.  This love multiples more and more in my experience because I have come to understand that as I love Me more, I love Spirit more and there are more loving opportunities in my experience.

I AM happy because I know that I am born and made manifest with all the Good that is necessary to bring me fully into the L.I.F.E. of my dreams.  I was born with all the resources necessary to live the L.I.F.E. filled with abundance in every good thing.  I love myself and I am happy just because I am ME.

I see all that is good in my own L.I.F.E. experience.  I see through everything that I have experienced I can still have joy and love, peace and harmony in my L.I.F.E.  I chose to be happy and take responsibility for my own joy.  Only I AM responsible for me and Spirit has equipped me with all I need to BE emotionally self-sufficient.

I stand still and deal with my own feelings, taking full responsibility for how I feel and for my own reactions to those feelings.  I have Divine insight on how to improve my relationships with others because I independently improve my relationship with self.

Today, I feel the POWER of the I AM PRESENCE surging within me and I know that I am aligned with all good and I chose to be happy and move forward in my L.I.F.E.

And so it is

Ashe’ – Amen


You are awesome! Know it!
I love you



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