I Rise! Easter Trivia and How We Welcome the Rise of the Christ Within! Dr Diva Verdun - Empowerment Cocah, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

I Rise! Easter Trivia and How We Welcome the Rise of the Christ Within!

Today is Resurrection Sunday! A day that is celebrated by Christians all over the world as the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Most people follow what they have been taught and take for granted all the symbolism that they are celebrating within a holiday or even the significance of what the holiday represents by just going through the motions, spending an estimated 2 billion dollars on candy alone.

But do we really know why?  Do we really understand the magnitude of what we are celebrating? Or do we simply say it is Easter Sunday and Jesus rose again and so there are certain ritual motions we have been taught to do on Easter Sunday based on a cross of our religious belief systems and what the media drives us to do to spend money for these so called holidays.  Most people never take the time to prove why they do the things that they do, they just do them because they were told to and its what was done by their parent and their parents.  But do we truly know why?  No.  Worse, most don’t really care why?  If they did, they would be reading this article too.

The Trivia of Easter:

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The Passover was NEVER called Easter by the first century church.  The word Easter is a derivative of Ishtar(Eesh-tar), or Astarte, Oestare, Ostern, or Eostra, depending on the literature you read, the name of a pagan goddess of fertility who was celebrated during the Spring solstice.  She was one goddess with many names—the goddess of fertility, worshiped in spring when all life was being renewed. (L.I.F.E. is rising)

Easter was originally the festival of Ostara, named after the Teutonic Goddess Eostra.  She was the Goddess of Spring and fertility. (The female hormone estrogen, claims its roots from this Goddess.) Fertility aspect of the Spring Goddess Ostara is symbolized by eggs and the hare.  

Hot crossed buns were another aspect of the Goddess Ostara. At the feast of Oestre, an ox was sacrificed. The ox horns symbolized the feast and were carved into ritual bread. The symmetrical cross still decorates the buns today as what we now commonly call hot cross buns.

Around 300 AD Constantine combined many pagan festivals with christian ideas – hence instead of celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus at Passover – it was now celebrated at the time of the fertility festivals, which we now call Easter.  

The Pagans celebrated Life, Death and Rebirth during the the festival of Ostara, or Easter and the early church fathers assimilated many of these festivals into Christianity.

Pagans have worshiped rabbits as sex and fertility gods, and have looked upon them as symbols of lust, sexual vigor and reproduction. Eggs also are symbols of fertility, sex and new life, also with celebrations in the Springtime.  According to pagan tradition Estre, the goddess of spring turned a bird into a rabbit. In gratitude, the rabbit came each Spring, during the Festival of Estre and laid beautiful eggs for the goddess.  Thus, the Easter bunny lays eggs because it use to a bird.

Churches hide Easter eggs for the kids, and many hold Easter SUNrise services. This pagan celebration was to worship the SUN, not THE SON. It too crept into the Christian celebration known as Easter.

The sun rises in the EAST — EASTER — this is not a coincidence! Tammuz (a pagan god) was slain, legend has it, and because of the weeping of his mother Ishtar (Eesh-tar), Tammuz was mystically revived in Springtime, and was celebrated every year.

Easter’s date is established by astrology according to the vernal equinox. The spring festival of pagan worship of the sun and the renewed season was also set on the same date. Easter in the King James Bible means pascha or Passover.

As it is written in the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Catholic church is the one who brought about all these changes to be celebrated in a “Christian” fashion.  Many churches are moving away from using the term Easter because of the above noted relationships, and now referring to this event of the rise of the savior as Resurrection Sunday.


We celebrate the risen savior today, but in essence what are we really celebrating, now that it is so entwined with Easter eggs and bunnies?  So many have no idea, nor do they care, where these symbols came from because of the drive of the commercial markets like candy, flowers and cards on not just Resurrection Sunday, but most of our holidays that rake in billions of dollars because of our ignorance.

Regardless of how we got to this point in our historic and faith based evolution, the truth is that we are made manifest through the ONE Spirit that lives within each and every one of us.  Regardless of what we believe, we must know that as we celebrate the risen savior, we are also experiencing the rise of the Christ nature within our very BEINGness.

Christ is the manifestation of God in us as us, the Universal Sonship; hence Christ is within each of us and we only need to realize and unify with that which is already within us.  Each and everyone of us is an incarnation of God.  As we recognize this truth and live in conscious and harmonious union with Spirit we automatically become ONE as Christ.  Jesus came to teach us that we would do greater than he, and we do that because he taught us how to activate our Christ natures to become fully ONE with the Divine so that we live a fully abundant L.I.F.E.™.

Today, is a day we celebrate the rise of the Christ within each of us as we celebrate the risen savior.  We are created perfectly in the image and the ONEness of the Divine, living a human experience.

Feel the Christ POWER rise in you NOW!

FEEL THE POWER of LOVE come forth from the depth of your soul.

Connect to the POWER of who you truly are.

It is resurrection time! IT is time for YOU to RISE and come forth.

It is TIME for you to Allow the POWER of Spirit within you to carry you to where you are destined to go.

It is time to see all your dreams manifest.

It is time to come out of depression and despair.

It is time to be removed from financial issues and worry and lack and limitation.

It is time to RISE UP!

Get up! It is resurrection time!

Get up! It is time to Rise and move to the next level of your experience!

It is time to be happy and have joy in your experience!

It is time to realize the abundance that you were born to live fully in.

Get up! Get up! Rise up!

It is resurrection time! Rise up!

Its Resurrection Time and the Christ is risen in YOU!

Feel  IT! KNOW IT! Live IT! BE IT!


You are RISING UP right NOW in this moment!

Say it!


Believe it! Know it! Live it!




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