Today's Prayer Treatment - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Cocah, Minister, Spiritual Practioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite ONENESS and Divine POWER;

Today I see my relationships as a mirror reflection that allow me the opportunity to fine tune myself.  I look into the mirror of my relationships and find the areas that I can improve myself and allow the other person to have the opportunity to grow through their own challenges as I release the need to control specific outcomes in the relationship.

I trust that Spirit is fully aware of the necessary changes that must be made in my relationships, because Spirit is already working on me to make the necessary changes within self.  I know that as I improve myself and become more, that Spirit automatically adds more to my relationships.

I no longer look to my relationship to fill any voids I may have within, which creates a deficit and imbalance that sucks the energy, joy and love out of the experience we are creating together.

Today, I practice tolerance, acceptance and love as I grow to understand that I do not loose anything by allowing the other person to be who they are.  I move into a balance of peace, joy and love and harmony in my relationships because I find these things within self.  I know that as I change my emotional perspective, I grow into higher levels of awareness and this adds to the joyful and loving experience of my relationships as I grow into my own POWER.

Today, I take charge of my relationship with self and love ME as ONE with SPIRIT.  I know that in the love of self and Spirit as ONE, I automatically balance Love in my experience.

Ashe’ – Amen



I love you!





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