Today's Prayer Treatment - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine LOVE and Infinite POWER,

Today I become my own rescuer.  I stop waiting for someone else to work through my issues and solve my problems for me.  Today I take charge of my POWER and move to LOVE myself more than ever before.  I am no longer the martyr in my relationships.  I chose to have love in my experience not suffering and pain.

I realize that by standing by and suffering through my relationships deprives me of love and L.I.F.E..  I know that my love is my precious L.I.F.E. force and I do not have to waste it by suffering through my experience.

Today I own my power and take charge to make the necessary adjustment in my relationships by removing the negative thoughts and beliefs I have allowed to develop in my mind that the more I suffer I am proving love.  I realize that I do not have to prove love.  Love is Love and it never has to be proven.  I allow a person to accept the love that I share with them or not and I am ok with either because I LOVE ME.

Today I own my POWER by moving through the uncomfortable effort to love myself more than I have invested love in the suffering process.  I realize that Spirit does not want me to suffer and be in pain.  I realize that Spirit gave me L.I.F.E. to live fully in every moment.  I realize that momentary disappointments will happen in relationships but relationships are mirrors that teach me more about who I am and how I can make adjustments to be a better me.

Today I chose to LIVE a L.I.F.E. empowered in LOVE of SELF, knowing that the more I LOVE ME, the More love I have in my L.I.F.E..

Today I chose to have joy and happiness in my experience.  I chose to live in the abundance of all L.I.F.E. and I realize that deprivation of any kind is not Spiritual as Spirit has given me the promise of a L.I.F.E. fully abundant in every measure.

Today I am renewed in LOVE of self.  I am no longer a martyr to my relationships.  I am the LOVING PRESENCE of SPIRIT enjoined in a loving L.I.F.E. expression and I realize that pain is not an indicator that I am suppose to suffer, but to grow into a new expression of LOVE and L.I.F.E. in my experience.

I know that this change may bring about an uncomfortable experience in my relationship, and more than likely will cause me more temporary grief and pain in the process, but I realize that I am growing through decisive change to love myself and I am prepared to take this journey to live the promise; to live L.I.F.E. and Live it more abundantly.

Today I truly LOVE ME!

And so it is!

Ashe’ – Amen



I Love You!



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