Why Change Don't Come - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Why Change Don’t Come!

The lyrics to Sam Cooke’s song “Change Gonna Come”, which can be found below, are so inspirational when you really listen to the song. Inspired by the Civil Rights movement and the drowning of his son, he wrote this song and was murdered before it could be published. (see song facts below) However, even today this song digs deep into the core of our hopes for a change in our experience.

His lyrics share our pain for change and then share the knowledge that it WILL come.

There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

Why Change Never Comes?

We question so often why change doesn’t seem to come? We ask and plead with Spirit for the change to happen now. We are frustrated and exasperated at our situations and come to believe that change must be based on some type of magical time system that Spirit is holding over our heads that ticks down to the right moment when we have suffered long enough to deserve the change that we seek.

This is a flawed thought process. Spirit is not holding our good back from us while we suffer through something.  We have placed ourselves on hold because we are not aware of our own power.  We delay the changes we seek because of our negative beliefs, lack of knowledge about Universal Principle and how to apply it, and most importantly because of our fears, doubts and disbelief in thinking we do not deserve the change we would like to experience in our lives.

This thinking is erroneous, but truthfully it is not totally our faults because we have never been taught that we have the POWER to manifest change in our experience. We were taught exactly the process we are experiencing; suffering and waiting for something to happen.

In some instances we are grieving from the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or some other situation, but the grieving process does not delay our dreams and aspirations. It is a natural process that we must move through in full coarse so that it can bless us with more insight about self. Grief will pass, and if we are not conscious we will be stuck in a cycle that keeps us blocked from the true awareness it brings forth if we do not allow ourselves to process it.

In every area of L.I.F.E. we must move in the reality of the full understanding of who we are. The spirit in manifest human form filled with all Power, which continues to magnify itself through our growth, which comes through change. We must change our belief systems to know that we need not suffer through something for a any period of time for change to manifest in our experience. We have the power to change things at any time when we are aware that we are the key to effectuating the change that we want.

It is not your circumstances, the people around you or your surroundings that dictate change. It is YOU!!!

Through self-mastery and the understanding of Universal Principle we come to know that we have the Power to exercise every law in the Universe on our behalf to manifest that which we desire in our experience right NOW. We do not have to suffer through a process.

People that are experiencing a rewarding L.I.F.E. know and understand their POWER and align and cooperate with the Laws of the Universe to effectuate the changes they desire to manifest the things they want to experience in their lives. When we do not understand or realize our POWER to participate in Universal Law we delay the demonstration of our good, we are demonstrating negatively using the law.  We are demonstrating that which we are focused on, our fears, doubts and disbelief that change may not be coming until we suffer through something.

Why Change Don't Come - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & CounselorThinking we have to suffer long enough to get to the place the magic time clock chimes means we are manifesting exactly the opposite of that which we truly desire.  The Universe must be faithful because it is a LAW in Operation at ALL Times.  It is no respecter of persons. Whatever thought you are consistently focused on crystallizes your beliefs and that is what activates the power of the Universe to bring about the manifestation for you.

Thus, you are manifesting constantly and  continuously even though it seems like you are staying still in a mess or problem.  You are manifesting that which you have lodged in your sub-conscious mind and therefore, the Universe has taken that as the instructions to create for you exactly that which you are focused on.  This is the magnitude to the statement, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

We have to check deeply within self to uproot our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones constantly until we come into the realization of our truth.  The truth that we are here to live the promise.  To live fully all of L.I.F.E. and to live it fully abundant.

Like the lyrics of Sam’s song, Change gonna come, he says, Yes it will.  Yes, change is going to come and it will come quickly because there is no time to Spirit.  Per Osho, “Time means thinking of the past, thinking of the future.  And while you are thinking of the past and of the future, the present is lost.”

Change manifest quickly when we clear our negative thought processes.  It will come quickly when we fully deal with our pains losses, and hurts to eliminate them from tumbling in our minds on a daily basis.  This is mental bondage and it keeps the pain on the forefront of our minds constantly.  This is what causes suffering.  The hurt was experienced long ago, but we carry it with us on a daily basis delaying the changes we seek.

Pain is an indicator to make necessary changes to move forward.  It is not suppose to stop us cold and hold us in a place of mental suffering.  When we cut our finger it hurts.  We know immediately from the pain we need to tend to our finger, because the pain is the indicator of what needs to be addressed.  It tells us stop, don’t move anymore, so the cut doesn’t get worse.  It tells us to clean and bandage the wound.  We may have a sore spot while it heals, but we KNOW for a fact that it will heal so we do not focus on the healing process, we just change the bandage as needed.  We allow Spirit to heal the cut.  We do not relive the actual process of getting the cut over and over and over in our mind.  We do not allow that to tumble through our thoughts all day.  We simply KNOW that the cut will heal, so we do not carry forth the pain to continually suffer.

Suffering in carrying forth our pains and hurts. Yes, it is hard to overcome something emotional that hurt us.  Our ego does not want to let anything go.  Once we truly deal with the hurts and pains and let them go, we no longer focus on them and we are now free to activate the Universe positively to demonstrate our good, because we have processed our pain and we have allowed Spirit to do the work to heal it.  We no longer are dealing with our pains and hurts so there is no more suffering in our NOW moments because we let go of yesterday’s issues and in that alone change has already come.

7 Keys to Manifesting Change NOW!

1.  Contemplate your thoughts always.  Check them against your mental backdrop to see if they are positively charged or negatively charged or based in fear.

2. Work through your negative emotions, pains and hurts through meditation.  Still your mind by going into a peaceful state in your meditation, even if you can only meditate for 2 or 3 minutes at a time.  You will find tremendous POWER in those 2 – 3 minutes and you will begin to increase your meditations naturally.  Love yourself through meditation and allow yourself to explore your thoughts.  The Divine will be with you in this process and you will find answers arise that help you adjust your thoughts and behaviors, naturally aligning you with the Universal Law of abundance and all good. 

3. Root out all your fears, doubts and disbelief.  Prove Spirit everyday.  Prove that Spirit loves you.  Prove that you can have a positive experience.  Prove it?  How?  By forcing your mind to focus on the good and KNOWING that you deserve the good because you are here to live your purpose, which is to live fully and to live all of L.I.F.E. more abundantly.

4.  Be prepared to take action NOW.  Sit and devise your plan and then execute it.  Your plan can be as simple as asking for forgiveness and then execute it by actually asking.  It can be as complex as a business plan for your new idea.  The key is to plan and then execute the plan.  Take action.  We have to move the rock, it will not get up and move by itself.  Once we take action toward the change we want, we attract it into our experience quickly.

Why Change Don't Come - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor5.  Know you deserve every single thing you desire in your experience.  YOU DO!  You are here to live the promise.  To live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.  You fully deserve all that you desire and Spirit wants to give it to YOU.  It is yours by Divine Birthright.  We must Live Our POWER by understanding that through our own thoughts we attract or repel  what we are seeking in our experience.  When we know we deserve to have all our needs met and live our dreams, we take action with confidence and KNOWING that it WILL manifest in our experience because we understand that we demonstrate through the Laws of the Universe.

6.  Know that the Universe is always faithful.  It is a LAW; it must give you exactly that which you focus on.  We must focus on change as manifest, not on change not ever happening in order to see change happen.  Universal Law is  always faithful to work as IT does and never changes.  Why? Because IT’s a LAW.  Like gravity, which is a LAW.  We don’t see it, but we know it works, we agree with it and we use it daily to walk and sit and move etc…  It is a law it never changes.  It does what it does.  When we understand Universal Law, we begin to demonstrate our good through our KNOWING we deserve it.  We do not coerce or force the Universe or beg it for changes and demonstrations, we release our positive thoughts knowing that the Universe will provide.  Like gravity, we just let it go and KNOW.  When we align our thoughts negatively, we demonstrate negatively.  So we can chose to change our thoughts and beliefs and align them positively so we demonstrate positively.  It is done unto us as we believe.

7.  Be grateful and live everyday and every moment grateful that the Universe is always providing for you.  IT is fulfilling all your needs and manifesting all your dreams.  As we stay in an attitude of consistent and constant gratitude it makes keeping our thoughts positive so much easier because it wards off the negatives with the KNOWING that we are here to live the promise; to live L.I.F.E. and live it more abundantly.  The more gracious we are for the Universe, the more positive we are, the more we demonstrate and the quicker our manifestation without any suffering. 

Know that like Sam says in his song, Change is Gonna COME!  It is gonna come when you elect to have change in your experience.  So chose to have change manifest NOW by taking charge of your POWER.




Song Facts:Cooke wrote this as a protest song to support the civil rights movement, as black Americans fought for equality. Up to this point, most of his songs were either touching ballads (“You Send Me”) or lighthearted uptemo tunes (“Twistin’ The Night Away”). When Cooke heard Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind,” he became determined to write something similar – he couldn’t believe Dylan’s song wasn’t written by a black man.

Cooke was deeply affected by the death of his infant son, who drowned in a swimming pool in 1963. He started writing more introspective songs and took an interest in black history and politics.
Some of the lyrics were inspired by an incident where Cooke and some of his friends were arrested for disturbing the peace after they were denied rooms at a motel in Shreveport, Louisiana because they were black.
This was released as a single a few months after Cooke died. He was shot by a motel owner who claimed he was raping a young girl in one of the rooms. A lot of controversy surrounded his death; Cooke owned his own record label and publishing company, and some people thought he was killed as part of a plot.
For Cooke, this was a return to his roots as a Gospel singer.
When the song was published as a single, the third verse was edited out. The line went, “I go to the movie and I go downtown somebody keep telling me don’t hang around” and apparently was too boldly speaking about segregation. The album version shows the whole lyric. When Otis Redding covered this song in his Otis Blue album he followed the single version, with just 2 verses before the bridge.
This was released on Tracey Records, a label Cooke started in 1963 following the death of his son. Allen Klein, who was Cooke’s business manager, bought Tracey Records after Cooke’s death and controls the rights to Cooke’s performance of this song. Klein also bought the Cameo/Parkway label, which was home to Herman’s Hermits, Bobby Rydell and The Animals.
In November 2008 a cover by English singer Seal returned this song to the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for the first time since Cooke’s original peaked at #9 in February 1965. Part of the success of Seal’s remake can be attributed to it tying in with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, who proclaimed in his victory speech that “change has come to America.”
Seal’s remake was the first revival of a Sam Cooke-penned song to appear on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs tally since the Manhattans posted a version of “You Send Me,” which arrived at #20 in 1985.


A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh and just like the river I’ve been running ever since
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

It’s been too hard living but I’m afraid to die
Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

I go to the movie and I go downtown somebody keep telling me don’t hang around
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

Then I go to my brother
And I say brother help me please
But he winds up knockin’ me
Back down on my knees


There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will


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