Today's Prayer Treatment - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

ONE MIND, Divine and Infinite POWER:

Today, I live fully in my own POWER and take charge of my thoughts, which are the key to living the promise. I live my L.I.F.E. in the conscious awareness that I must guard my thought in each and every moment.  I realize that as I allow myself to think negatively I create negative circumstances and experiences, so I stamp out negative thought and I become aware when they are creeping in to invade my joy and my prosperity.

Today, I have the POWER to live the promise within me.  I know that I AM ONE with Divine MIND and there is only ONE MIND.  I have the wonderful opportunity to align my thoughts with the ONE MIND positively or negatively and I attract into my experience exactly that which I am thinking.

My thoughts are a magnet that attracts to me everything that I think. They attract to me the type of people and experience I have in my L.I.F.E.  So, today I choose to have Powerful joyful and pleasant experiences that manifest in the full promise of L.I.F.E., which is to live and live more abundantly.

Today, I am victorious in knowing that I can choose to live my L.I.F.E. with POWER through my mind and so I move now to make all the necessary adjustments to clear the little foxes from my thoughts.  I know this is a task that I must continue to process in every moment to assure that I am activating my creativity in positive directions for my highest and greatest good.

I realize that I cannot change the way other people think, but I do not have to be dragged into the darkness by what they are thinking.  I have the choice to live in the positive energy of the Universe and allow this energy to catapult me into my dreams.

Today, I live my power by taking charge of my thoughts. I live NOW and Live fully and manifest all that I desire because I am enough, I deserve all I desire and I have the POWER to manifest it in my experience through the activity of my MIND.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You


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