Today’s Prayer Treatment – Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine Love and Infinite POWER:

Today, I turn within and do the necessary work to eliminate and neutralize the negative thoughts that have drained me of love.  I realize that love is manifest in me and through me and as a result of this I demonstrate the outward manifestation in healthy and loving relationships.

I work on my relationship with self.  My relationship with self is the key to my happiness and connection with the Divine.  My relationship with self is the direct connection to my POWER.

I live today filled with love, loving myself, knowing that this is not my ego. I am loving myself as the Divine emanation of God, knowing that I am here by Divine Plan and that all that I desire in my experience manifest through my love of self.

Love is my most desired possession and I know that I possess it now and always have.  Love is already there and always has been.  I do the work now to kick down the walls of hurt and pain I suffered as a child, which taught me unhealthy love was the norm.  I move now into a safe and loving place where the Divine heals my heart and soul and I realize that I am important and that I can overcome all hurt and pain.

I focus on my emotional needs, which have cried for my attention.  I understand that I am the mother or my own emotions and must nurture myself back into the state of wholeness.  I no longer expect my relationships to heal the void in my heart and soul.  I realize I am the physician with the POWER to heal myself.

I deserve loving and rewarding relationships.  I am healed now in my soul and in my emotional state of being.  I am whole because I was born AS LOVE and today, I return to that LOVE knowing that it is through my love of self that all else comes.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You


3 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer Treatment

  1. First let me say sorry for your loss.
    I to battle depression I’m trying keep it from my family and friends.
    trying to deal with it on my own. sometimes I wish I had a little help.
    I do not have any medical insurance. I don’t know what to do or where to turn to. so its day to day for me.
    your brother sounds like my story. they say they love me the some days its just a struggle. hopefully I’ll be able to find the help I need.

    1. Rodney,

      You have found the help you need. You have reached out to share your pain. This is the first step in healing. You have to step over your fear and the shame that depression leaves us all in to seek help to begin moving forward. The first thing you must know and realize is that no matter what anyone says to you, you are the Divine in Manifest form. In order to strenghten your mind and soul you must begin to meditate on the greatness you are created as. Think about conception, think all the way back to when you were but a little sperm seeking the egg and in competition with millions of other sperm. You won the original race to create the being you now are. You fertilized the ONE and Only Egg that formed and developed into you. This means you are winner from the very very beginning. Nothing is ever missing in you, you were born with all you need to be all you desire to be. The world is filled with dysfunction because we are not taught who we are as Spiritual beings, the greatest of all creation, here to live a human experience and given the gift of L.I.F.E. in full abundance that manifest for us fully through the actions of our own mind.

      When we get trapped in our negative thoughts and allow ourselves to slip into self-doubt we are no longer loving self. We are spiraling down into the abyss and allowing ourselves to be dead to L.I.F.E., which eventually can lead to suicide if we slip to far into the darkness. Depression is natural, it is a part of our make-up that gives us a time out to process. We must use it to allow the new germenation of that which we desire. We must not get stuck in it by listening to the lies of our self-doubt.

      The truth is that you are love in manifest form, all that exist is created of LOVE, which is God. Our lives are made difficult by the people we have in them, but these people are there to refine who we are as we come into the awareness of truth of who we are.

      I want you to stand in the truth starting today. KNOW YOU ARE A WINNER from the VERY VERY BEGINNING. Know that you are created in love as love no matter what you experience has been. Love yourself and work to heal the hole in your soul. Only you can heal this hole. IT is healed through the love you give to self, and this begins by kicking a wall down in the unworthy feelings.

      You are worthy, you are wanted, you are loved. You are here by Divine Plan, bu Divine Birthright. You have all you need to be all you desire to be. It is changing the thinking and negative energy by allowing the positive to become the dominate thought.

      Keep changing your thoughts by thinking the positive everytime the negative ones come up. Eventually you find yourself wanting to thinking about the positive more than the negative.

      Work to know it is OK to be alone. Jesus went up to the mount for 40 days alone. This was Jesus’s depression time. Go up to the mount and allow yourself to be healed as you begin to love who you are and know that no matter how much you are rejected by family, you were accepted by the Divine as a perfect emanation of the creator himself, and that trumps everything and everyone else.

      Grasp on to this truth and love yourself and know this is not ego, it is love of self, it is caring about yourself and your feelings and it is seeking the truth within and living it that manifest all your good.

      I am sending you a blessing. FEEL IT! Yes, there you go feel it. Breathe in deeply and feel the newness of L.I.F.E. breathe in deeply and exhale out all the worry and pain and breathe in God, breathe in new L.I.F.E. EAch breathe is a new opportunity to LIVE all of L.I.F.E. Release all the pain you carry by forgiving those that hurt you and get up and live your L.I.F.E. based on your own rules.

      You are a champion and you have to KNOW this. Remember, the winner you were at conception is the same winner you are now. YOu are never a loser, only a learner, that is getting the process and learning to operate in your POWER. Remember, there is no instruction book to tell you who you are, you have to meditate and you will find it in you.



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