Today’s Prayer Treatment – Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine and Infinite Presence:

I release my control over people and situations and allow Spirit to work the perfect work in my experience.  I know that Spirit has everything in control and that the Universe is moving in Divine Right Action as it continues to manifest all in Divine Right Order.  I no longer feel the need to control outcomes and people because I am free in the knowing that Spirit has it all at hand.

I let go and KNOW GOD.  I focus on my own goals and use the lessons that I have learned through my own trials to make better and wiser decisions for my own L.I.F.E.

I realize that the Universe will not fall apart if I let go. It is in perfect balance and complete harmony even when things seem to be out of control.  As I release and surrender to the perfection of Spirit in my experience, I accept the same in each and every other person’s experience as well.

I am free to live my L.I.F.E. and explore new and more meaningful experiences as my energy is now focused on maintaining an open and loving Spirit that allows all others to discover living in their own ways.  I know that I cannot speed up their process, and I cannot move forward if I am always waiting for others to catch up to the awareness I have grown in to.

I realize that each and every person must explore their own way.  I know that in surrender I gain an open awareness of my POWER and I am free to go forward without the burden of carrying other people.

I move forward to live the promise in my own L.I.F.E., allowing each and every person to come freely into this awareness in their own timing.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You



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