Today’s Prayer Treatment – Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER and Divine PRESENCE:

Thank you for the Spirit of forgiveness.  I forgive myself and know that as I do I am giving love in advance of how I actually feel.  I take the willful action to move through my ego’s need to hold on to the pain from the injustices from which I feel so deeply wronged.  I know that as I willfully take action to move my heart back into alignment with love I am working through the Spirit of Forgiveness to POWER myself up to live L.I.F.E. fully through a Divine Freedom that brings me joy in every measure.

I realize that people are not aware of how they have caused me pain, or may not even be aware that I am hurting from something they have done.  I no longer harbor grudges and hostility or seek for vindication in any way from those that have caused me pain, grief and suffering.  I give love in advance and forgive them, taking action to live my L.I.F.F. fully in every measure.

I exercise self-mastery by working through my fears, hurts and pains to reach deep within myself to allow love to emerge through my broken heart to heal me and make me whole.

I know that as I forgive those that have hurt  or mistreated me in anyway, I am setting myself free.  I am sending them a blessing and allowing them to experience and discover L.I.F.F. as I use each and every incident as a tool to teach me more about how to live my POWER.

I walk in love and release resentment and the need to be acknowledged in my pain.  I realize that I do not have to choose to hurt, and that I can not force anyone to ask me for my forgiveness or to offer me an apology.  I realize that forgiveness is an internal blessing that I give to myself as I release those that have hurt me to live their own discovery of L.I.F.E.

Today, I forgive myself and I forgive those that have hurt me in any way through my silent prayer offering.  I internally come back to a place of peace and unite with the Divine as I let it go and KNOW GOD.  I release those that have hurt me and I know that as I ask my Father to forgive them, I am vindicated in my own soul through the POWER of my own mind and through the LOVE of the Divine I allow to emerge in my soul.

Today, I walk in the Spirit of forgiveness as I set myself free to Live my POWER and Manifest My Dreams!

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You



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