Today’s Prayer Treatment – Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine POWER:

I am ONE with the Infinite PRESENCE that lives within me.  I am ONE with all that exist in the Universe.  Through the state of Oneness I have my very BEING. I know that all that I desire manifest in my experience and evolves in natural and Divine Order as I continually mentally prepare myself through a clear and open mind.

I trust Spirit and know that even in times that I may feel confused and stuck I am still moving in the all sufficiency of Spirit. I know that I will see clearly and come into the full awareness in the right timing.  I know I am living in Spirit’s incubator. I am nurtured daily by the Divine through each and every experience and open to the lessons of my present circumstances.

I go within and commune with my Higher POWER, which is the source of all guidance, all direction and all my needs being met.  I let the state of confusion pass as I allow patience to work a perfect work within me as I learn from my process. I learn that my mistakes are merely lessons necessary to further my growth.

I love myself through my periods of feeling lost, confused and stuck, knowing that the POWER that lives within me has lived through each and every experience with me and knows each and every intimate detail.  I sit and KNOW that Spirit is working on my behalf now as I continue to grow and develop in Spirit’s incubator, which is Spirit’s love.

I allow the necessary timing for the development and clearing of my mental path.  I am prepared to leap back into L.I.F.E. once the Spiritual timer goes off and I am at peace as I rest in Spirit knowing that I am going through the perfect process as I evolve into my Greatness.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You


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