Overcoming Sadness - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

How to Overcome Sadness

Moving back into a state of joy can be a challenge when we feel sad, depressed and lonely.  The main block to our joy and love is unresolved sadness from past issues.  We have told ourselves to deny our pain or that what we have experienced does not hurt that much.  We may have even told ourselves that all we have to do is wait and things will change on their own. We may have told ourselves that the issue that causes us deep hurt is not really that big a deal and that we can get through it or that if we try to change the other person we won’t have to change ourselves.

In denial we are avoiding feeling the pain and carrying the deeply rooted sadness with us creating a cloud of uncomfortable feelings that block our joy and the love we deserve in our lives.  The truth is that unfinished business will not just go away.  It will continue to repeat itself over and over in our experience in many different relationships and issues until it gets our attention and we feel the pain, deal with it and heal.

We have taught ourselves this dysfunctional way of processing our pain and carrying our sadness for years because we didn’t have the tools, support, or safety we needed to acknowledge and accept the pain from our past.  So the key to survival became to bury our pains, hurts, fears, shame and guilt creating a deeply rooted sadness that wraps itself around the core of our soul making us feel we are unworthy, undeserving or simply not enough in the world.  So we bury the pain and wear a mask hiding behind a smile that is rooted in deep sadness.  Overcoming Sadness - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

We can slowly and carefully begin to open ourselves to our feelings and begin the process of feeling what we have denied for so long by trusting the POWER and PRESENCE within and going deep to feel the love and acceptance of Spirit that lives within us.

We begin the process through self-mastery doing the mental surgery to root our the fear and pain we have carried so long – not to blame or shame ourselves or others, but to heal ourselves in preparation to live the L.I.F.E. we were born to live.

We find through self-mastery that it is OK to cry real tears as we let go of yesterday’s pains, fears, guilt and shame.  It is OK to feel the sadness that we have buried so deeply within our souls and carried for so long.  We know we are safe in the arms of the Creator as we go within to heal ourselves as we feel and release pain and feelings that have become excess baggage crowding our hearts, minds and souls.

Through self-mastery we come to understand that the sadness and pain we are now processing is actually unresolved grief. Grief is a cleansing process that we cannot avoid.  When we bury it and refuse to feel the pain and deal with it, it can never be resolved.  It will just sit with us waiting for the time when we will deal with it and continue to crop up in our experience as new issue with different people and situations until we do.

By accepting the process, we are accepting our feelings of hurt, disappointment, pain, shame and guilt, which moves us from our past, into the present moment giving us new L.I.F.E. and a better future.  A L.I.F.E. free of sabotaging behaviors and a future that holds more options to live fully in the abundance of the promise.

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