Independence Day 2012 - Living Independent of the World's Illusion of You | Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Independence Day – Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You

Independence Day 2012 - Living Independent of the World's Illusion of You | Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & CounselorAccording to the world’s view of you, you are either one of the haves or have nots.  This alone sets you up to believe you must seek more outside of yourself to have a proper placement in the world.  In Spirit, there is no such thing as someone that has and someone that has not.  Each and every person was born into the perfection of Spirit, which includes a Divine Inheritance and the POWER to manifest it into one’s experience.

The world has enforced that you are not enough and thereby stripped you of knowing of your divine birthright.  However, this does not mean it does not exist, it merely means you are not aware of it making you grossly dependent on a dysfunctional system that keeps you in mental dependency seeking the approval of others in your relationships, finances and careers.  None of these things mean anything to Spirit.  Spirit is merely having a fully human experience living within you as you and waiting for you to wake up and grow into the Independent Mind to master your POWER to achieve the promise of a L.I.F.E. of abundance in every measure.

The world’s illusion of who you are dictates that you will need to live within a certain parameter in order to achieve a certain status or level to be recognized or gain favor.  So you spend your L.I.F.E. seeking the approval of others through the actions that you take to be respected and gain favor.  Unfortunately, this effort brings about more disfavor as we continue to work harder against ourselves to gain approval in the minds and eyes of others. We are giving their opinions of who we are direct control over our lives. Spirit does not need approval of anyone or anything to BE. Spirit simply is the POWER that IS within you and is Independent of the world’s illusion of who it believes you should be. Independence Day 2012 - Living Independent of the World's Illusion of You | Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

In gaining approval from other people, we become slaves to outside messages of praise and opinions. When we are disapproved of we feel left out and push even harder to change their minds. This puts us in a position to be directed and dependent on forces outside of ourselves.  Approval or disapproval results in a dependency on the mindset of others, creating a dependent mind within self.

The ego is constantly in need of approval and is dependent fully upon recognition and seeks to be praised.  It needs to be important, which feeds into the illusion of the world.  The ego feels deprived because of self-doubt, low self-esteem and a lack of belief in self and yearns to be lifted up, crippling us in a dependency mindset as we continue to seek the approval of others in everything that we do.

When we understand our own nature and know who we truly are we are independent of the outside forces that are attempting to tell us who or what we should be.  The ego must then give way to the Independent Mind, which is no longer dependent on the thoughts and feelings of others, but upon the knowing and the POWER of self from within.

Exercising Independence to be yourself means you may not please everyone.  It means you are willing to be independent of the need for approval and no longer are tempted to feel insecure because others disagree with you.  You are in touch with your eternal BEINGness and know that by exercising your independence to think for yourself you demonstrate greatness in your L.I.F.E. in every measure.

When we trust our eternal selves to communicate with us we find our true identity is fully independent of the worldly illusion of who we should be.  We connect and become ONE with the ONE MIND, the Independent Mind and come to respect our own feelings, thoughts and vision as they naturally and passionately align with the loving essence of our true selves. By exercising the Independent Mind there is no need for the struggle for external approval because your inner nature is one of peace, love and harmony with all existence.

Independence Day 2012 - Living Independent of the World's Illusion of You | Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & CounselorWe gain independence from the world’s illusion of who we are one thought at a time.  By dissecting each thought we can discern if we are making decisions because we are seeking approval from others, or if we are making our decisions from our own independent mind.  When we take the time to access our thoughts, we can change the outcomes we experience because our actions will naturally follow.  We independently step into our own zone to be who we are.  We become stronger through our own affirmations internally knowing who we are, empowered to stand in our own truth to independently grow into that which we see ourselves being.

Through the POWER of our Independent Mind, we step into the vision we have of self and the illusion disappears. Through our own truth and confirmation we find we gain acknowledgment from others in a freely flowing system over putting ourselves in a prison to gain approval from others.  We are independently living and enjoying the fruits of the promise as we continue to grow into that which we envision for ourselves without guilt or explanation.  We are independent of the world’s illusion and free to be that which we are.  In doing so, we find all comes to us as it should through a natural and Universal attraction in peace, love and harmony.

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Independence Day – Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You

4 thoughts on “Independence Day – Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You

  1. You have expressed what true “Independence” is for us. I have struggled with this concept of independence for years as I’ve expressed myself “without guilt and explanation”. I have found rejection, real or imagined ostracizing from individuals I thought were friends or colleagues, and even family members. I once asked a now deceased dear friend, Rev. Robert E. Pipes why I didn’t “fit in”. He told me I did not need to fit in. Still, even as a woman in her 50’s, I am struggling with that question. I have found a lot to think about after reading this segment of “Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You”. Thank you.

    1. You do not need to fit in precious ONE because you are already a perfect part of the Universe. There is nothing to fit into when you are already a Divine part. We each play our own part in the Universal Machine. 50 is a fabulous age. I crossed that milestone and found that on this side of the Hill it is all about what you want to do with your own L.I.F.E. and there is no need to worry about what others think or feel of you. Live your POWER and Manifest your Dreams! Go within and KNOW that there is no need to question yourself and find approval. You were born as Spiritual Perfection and that is all you need to know. So as Spiritual Perfection you are already the perfect fit. Resolve to enjoy your L.I.F.E. living it your way, for when you are gone, only you will be the one that missed the opportunity to do so. Love and Light precious ONE!

      Happy Independent You!


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