Be Who You Are - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Stop Trying and Just BE

We move away from being our authentic selves with all the weight of the world we have chosen to carry.  We look to the world for the answers when all we need to know is already within us.  We side step our true feelings to try not to hurt others.  We put ourselves in situations of victimization and powerlessness because we are afraid to be who we authentically already are.

The web of emotions and feelings that come from frustrations and disappoints throughout L.I.F.E. molds us into to backing down on who we truly are. We live behind a mask pretending to be what we think the world would prefer to see.  We process our pain and hurt and then package it in a tidy little place so that no one knows we are suffering and then we attempt to control or force our lives to be something totally different when we have not released that which keeps us burdened.

When we are weighted down with the burden of pain and hurt, shame and guilt, we cannot move into that which we dream of being because we now are forcing ourselves to become something that the world has shaped us into through our pain.  It is in the release of the pain and hurt, shame and guilt that we find the truth of our own being and we realize that there is nothing to try to become .  We cannot become something that we already are.

You are already all you can ever become. There is no need to try to be anything.  The key is in learning through living so that you continually grow into that which you already are.  It is like the child that grows up to be an adult.  Be Who You Are - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & CounselorA baby is still a person, even though it is a baby.  It is simply growing and evolving into the knowledge and understanding of the world.  As it continues to gather more information, it become wiser in the use of its own POWER.

The problem is that the child experiences negative situations and the world grooms the child to believe that the world is a bad place and that pain is the consequence of being in the world.  But what if we were to look at the consequences of being in the world as loving and wonderful, over dangerous and harmful?  What if we grew up knowing that all we have to do is simply process our mistakes and allow the hurt and pain, shame and guilt to teach us something about the situations we grow through? What if we simply allowed each and every situation to just BE what it is and we allow it to teach us?

If we could just grasp this message we could evolve through our pains and hurts, shame and guilt to find ourselves living as the authentic person we were born to be.  We then would realize that we no longer have to try to become something, because in trying to become something we are attempting to control or force ourselves down a path that is not natural; one that flows freely bringing into our experience all we desire.

Stop trying to become and just be who you already are.  There is nothing to prove to anyone except yourself and what you prove to yourself is that you have faith and trust in you.  You were born with all that is necessary to BE all you already are.  You have a GREAT POWER living within you that is guiding you into all that you ever dreamed.  The dream you have is there because it is who you are.  There is no need to try to become it, or attempt to force becoming it, or even try to control the outcomes of getting to it.  As you continue to move through the lessons of L.I.F.E. you will naturally evolve into that which you dream, because it is who you truly are.

You are already who you dream to BE.  KNOW IT and live in the knowing that you are evolving through each and every painful and hurtful lesson.  Allow each of those pains and hurts to become tools for your growth, not prisons that cage you into a L.I.F.E. of misery, which dictates you can never be enough.  You are enough.  You have always been enough.  You are already that which you desire to BE, there is nothing to try to become.  There is merely the growing up into the understanding and the use of your POWER.

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