Overcoming being stuck in a slum - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Overcoming A Ground Hog’s Day Slump to Move Freely Through the Maze of L.I.F.E.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we feel sluggish, unfocused and overwhelmed with feelings we can’t sort out or in a period of not knowing exactly what to do to move forward.  It seems like we are stuck living in a virtual ground hogs day.  The day is the same everyday.  L.I.F.E. seems to be monotonous.  We don’t understand what is going on with us or even why we feel stuck.  The energy to simply smile seems to be a draining task, and everything we do to move forward appears to not work.  We simply don’t feel as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as good as we would like to feel.

Sometimes we can feel stuck to the point it breaks us down into deep depressions. Other times we can feel stuck where L.I.F.E. just seems to make no sense.  It feels like we are putting in the time but getting nothing back in return.  It can seem like we will never move forward and we don’t know where to start to begin to clear our lives and set a new pattern.  Joy seems to be something we yearn and dream for but buried so deeply we can’t feel it.  We may even feel isolated and alone.

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Feeling stuck or being in a slump can take us back to old patterns of thinking and feeling, which brings about negative behavior patterns as we reach for the tiniest bit of hope to move past this period of despair.  We may even obsess over our self-defeating thoughts but can’t seem to move free of the grey cloud that we are in. We may even begin taking things personally for no obvious reason or return to toxic relationships or look for other people to make us feel better even though we know that our happiness and well-being cannot be found in another person.

This ground hog’s day type state is an incubation period we are moving through.  It is normal to have periods where we feel stuck or in a slump or unable to move forward.  These are times when we must practice patience and love ourselves into recovery.  We get into these states because we have been to hard on ourselves and pushed to hard for the results we want, which can cause us to suffer debilitating disappointments when we look at the state of our lives and compare it to where we really prefer to be.

We have to stop the cycle of feeling we are failing at L.I.F.E. because we have not achieved the level and the status that we want.  These are periods that we are put on a virtual time-out so that we can sort through our thoughts and stop being ashamed of what we have not accomplished.  We have to overcome the notion that we should be living the idea we have of a perfect L.I.F.E. everyday, because it places unreasonable demands on us to expect more from ourselves.

When we are experiencing being stuck in our ground hog’s day state, or feeling slumped and lost in the maze of L.I.F.E. we have to work with ourselves to reach deep to love ourselves and be OK in this incubation period.  We must sit in the patience and knowing that we will soon be ready to move forward again and that this period is merely a time-out for us to pick up necessary information and motivation to move forward with passion and purpose in the joy of living.

We will live through this dark state and the sun will rise again in our experience.  We will see the light of a new day filled with joy and laughter and the zest for living.  We must focus on not pushing ourselves so hard and expecting so much from ourselves.  We are not here to prove to anyone that we are capable of anything. We are here to live our own experience by coming into the knowing of everything necessary to live in our own POWER.

Having a ground hog’s day type experience will disappear. It will seem to clear in the midst of the day peacefully.   We will find ourselves navigating our L.I.F.E. maze and moving freely from the slump that has kept us stuck.  We will wake up the next day in a new L.I.F.E. experience filled with the motivation and inspiration necessary to move forward in joy as we become aware of our own POWER to live fully.

Click Here for a prayer treatment on Overcoming being Stuck in a Slump




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