Let go and grow - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Let Go to Grow

We all have issues and behaviors that we know we must change.  We know we have old feelings and emotions that keep us grounded in pain and fear.  We have things that we have done or things that have happened that keep us from moving forward because of shame and guilt.  There is unresolved grief and anger as well.  All of these old emotions are still there because they have not been processed and carrying them around persistently year after year is blocking you from joy that is rightfully yours.

You may have asked God to take away the pain crying for relief and even buried yourself in spiritual activities to resolve the pain and hurt.  But nothing seems to work.  This is because God cannot work through your own lessons.  No one can make you learn something.  You have to learn it for yourself.  You have the POWER living within you to know the truth. You must simply be willing to look at your emotions dead on to learn from them the message they are trying to teach you so you can continue to grow in the abundance and magnificence of living.

Emotions are like little books of knowledge that share with us truths that help us make adjustments in our character so that we are able to come into the full use of our own POWER. We cannot force change to happen by begging Spirit to take away the pain or burying ourselves in a religious practice thinking it will just clear up because of our outer activities.  We have to study to show ourselves approved.  We have to study our emotions and pains and be with them so that we can gather the nuggets of truth, which are private and personal lessons that only we can gather from them.  Our emotions are our key to living, not to being in misery.  We have to learn how to use the emotions to heal ourselves, not to stay stuck in a cycle of pain.

We do not have to result to drastic measures to force ourselves to change. We do not have to become so overly religious that we are no earthly good. We do not have to hide in a room afraid to live L.I.F.E. until we make ourselves different and release the pain.We do not have to result to drastic measures to force ourselves to change.  We do not have to become so overly religious that we are no earthly good.  We do not have to hide in a room afraid to live L.I.F.E. until we make ourselves different and release the pain.  We literally don’t have to force change upon ourselves, we are always being the change that we are naturally because L.I.F.E. is constantly changing so we are changing automatically in this process as well.

We stay stuck in negative emotions and don’t allow mental change because of our suffering.  However, we do not have to strive so hard to change ourselves or force the pain away.  It will go away on its own once we actually go within and lovingly get the message that only we can uncover from these deeply rooted emotions.

Striving for an attitude of willingness and humility go much further than lip service to God in begging for the pain to be taken away.  Stop wasting your time begging for change or for the pain to be taken away and get busy looking deeply into your emotions so you can decipher the coded message that your pain and hurts are trying to share with you, which in turn unlocks your POWER.  The pain will naturally evaporate as you come into your new found wisdom, which only you can glean from your own emotions.

All you have to do is KNOW that Spirit is providing you with all the healing you ask for in every moment without ever asking first.  It is part of the Divine Inheritance that you were born into.  By letting go of the struggle to force change to make the pain go away we allow ourselves to feel it, cry about it and learn from it so we can grow into our POWER.  When we trust Spirit has already provided for the necessary healing, we realize that Spirit is already doing for us exactly that which we have been begging for. We realize the problem is that we have not taken action to do our part to receive the blessing.

We must Grow Up into our POWER and the only way we can do that is through letting go and KNOWing God has already given us all we need.  It is our responsibility to take action through self-mastery to do the necessary mental surgery to receive the healing we request.  As we grow up into our POWER we become aware of the fact that we no longer have to watch for how and when we shall change, we simply KNOW we are changing and we continue to evolve into our BEINGness.

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