You Have Power Over Your Problems - Dr. Diva Verdun -

Stop Giving Your POWER to Problems

When you have issues and experience problems thinking you have to put your L.I.F.E. on hold and wait for the problem to pass over is stepping into denial and fear. This is hiding in an escape expecting relationships to fix themselves, difficult decisions to be made on their own, or depression to simply fade away. Putting yourself on hold will not resolve the problem. You have to immerse yourself in the problem in order to face your fears and find the resolution.

Abandoning your L.I.F.E. or routine to your problems only delays you from finding the solutions because you are stagnant with fear and confusion. To stop living your L.I.F.E. and sit in a suffering state of obsessive thoughts of what ifs and whys will not help to resolve the problem.

Stop giving up your POWER to the Problem allowing it to be fully in charge of every thought. Stop allowing the problem to be in control over your actions. You are in control, not the problem, and the answer is not putting your L.I.F.E. on hold. Do not allow your mind to be dominated by the problem because this leaves no room for the Spirit to provide you with the solution because your mind will not have room enough to receive it.

Stop attempting to control the situation or other people by trying to make things be the way they were. Stop cycling negative thoughts, and the process of how the problem happened over and over in your head. You cannot hold two thoughts t the same time. You have to change your Focus in order to change your L.i.F.E.

As you face the problem, Spirit is renewing you with greater and better opportunities, relationships, health, and every good thing. Relax. Give up your need to obsess over the problem, and begin to obsess with gratitude for the POWER of Spirit in your L.I.F.E. that moves you through it.

Let go and know that the its not about the problem, but about the experience, and the lesson. As you move into a spirit of gratitude and hold to the knowing that the problem is the resistance that is builds your POWER the solution you seek will appear.  Tap into your POWER and use this experience to empower you into a greater and better rewards. Step into the peace that surpasses all understanding and rise above the problem.

Stop giving Your POWER to Problems - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

Nothing can beat you.  No one is greater than you.  Pain is merely temporary to turn your focus within so you can gain the insight and awareness of who you truly are. Your POWER is there within you ready to spring forth, and your problems are the key that open the door to release it. Stop giving your POWER to the problem and to other people.

It’s OK to Trust in yourself. When you do you will be right at the heart of the needed solution to resolve every problem.

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