Get it off your Chest - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spriitual Practitioner & Counselor

Get It Off Your Chest and Clear Your Space

Sometimes we take and go through so much we bury our pain thinking it is necessary to be a good/strong or spiritual person.  However, getting something off your chest does not mean you are a victim or complaining. It means you have taken a lot of pressure or gone through so much that you can’t hold it in any more.  Something has hurt you or offended you to a point you feel you need to express it to set things back in balance on how you want to be treated.  Getting it off your chest clears your space of negative energy.

In business, complaints are filed with the better business bureau so that the public is aware of issues that resulted in poor service.  When we complain or gripe about something it does not necessarily mean we are playing the role of the victim.  There is a difference between being a complainer and filing a complaint. Complainers are generally victims that use complaining as a tool to gain attention through sympathy.  They generally feel everyone is against them and that they have to voice the issues to get the attention they need.

Getting stuff of your chest does not necessarily mean you are out of control and complaining.  Filing a complaint can mean we are grounded enough to voice our feelings so that the dis-service is known and we can clear our internal space to move forward as we return to a state of peace once we get it out.  You are seeing the glass as half-full. You are simply making sure no one is putting salt in the lemonade. Get it off your Chest - Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spriitual Practitioner & Counselor

We have feelings, and sometimes we do get overwhelmed and need to blow off steam or work through parts of L.I.F.E. that seem unpleasant.  It is OK to let our feelings out and take a risk to be vulnerable with others. It does not mean we want to wallow in our misery and have a pity party to define our status as a martyr. It does not mean we are not setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves.  It means we have to express how we feel about something so that we can clear negative feelings and emotions out of our space.

Part of self-mastery is knowing that we are human and that occasionally we need to share our human side, which includes our fear and rage, sadness and pain, hurts and shame, how tired we are, and even sometimes we may explode in unreasonable anger or claim lack of belief and faith in ourselves because of our heavy heart.  Holding in things that we need to express bottles negative energy and prevents us from defining boundaries.  By surrendering to how we feel we can release this negative energy and move forward.

Getting stuff off our chest is also part of our growth as we stand in our own POWER to live in our truth.  It is how we clear our space of the negative energy and tell others who we truly are and what we truly want to experience in our L.I.F.E.

Every once in awhile we have an explosive moment, or have to say something to get it off our chest.  It’s OK!  Get it out so that you can clear your space and return to peace.

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