From Deprived to Deserving - Dr. Diva Verdun

From Deprived to Deserving

We wonder why we are not experiencing the wonder of L.I.F.E. when we don’t have the things we desire in our lives. This is because we have deprived ourselves of the things we desire and don’t realize it. We have blamed it on the economy, our jobs/careers or lack of one, on lack of opportunity, and even on our relationships. However, the truth is that we are depriving ourselves from having want we want and need in our lives because we do not feel we deserve to have it.  I know you don’t want to believe this, but in not accepting this understanding in this moment is proof of your lack of awareness that you are depriving yourself of the truth that you literally deserve to have that which you desire.

The Universe is faithful to provide and does lovingly and willingly. It will provide for you exactly as you believe, both good and bad. The Universe does not factor good or bad, the Universe is ONE, a ONE-Verse and good and bad are two sides of the ONE.  They are the yin and yang to the whole.  They are a balance of positive and negative energy that neutralize themselves into the wholeness of all Good, which comes into being through love, peace and harmony.  Love, peace and harmony are activated in your experience through the union of both the negative and positive energies that create a magnet that draws all you dream and desire to you.

When we are focused on the negative there is nothing positive to counter balance and magnetize our thoughts. So we are applying the Law of the Universe, the One-Verse negatively to our lives and manifesting an out of balance experience.  When we fully become aware of our thoughts we focus on the positive and we come to see the negative as merely an opportunity to balance our lives.  We then operate with positive thoughts and energy so that we can magnetize our thinking.  We come to see the truth of our POWER and live in the wonder of our BEING to produce the miracles of our experience as the Universe begins to manifest for us the things we desire.You are a Magnet and deserve all you desire - Dr. Diva Verdun

With this understanding we now move into the truth of why we deserve to have all we dream.  There are 2 reasons we deserve our dreams.  First because we are here, born into a Divine Birthright to live the promise, which is to live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly, and second because our dreams are the blueprints that guide us into doing so.

The reason we are not experiencing living in the promise is because we have a deeply rooted belief, which has been grounded in fear, that we do not deserve any more than what we have been given. We have eroded our dreams away by believing we must suffer through some process, by believing we are not good enough to achieve something, not smart enough, wise enough, pretty or handsome enough or some other thoughts that have brought us into the belief that we are not good enough to have what we dream. We now face the challenge of learning to identify what it means to know we deserve to live all of L.I.F.E. in the abundance thereof over deprivation.  We were born to live the promise of abundance.  In this thought we begin to understand that we deserve the best L.I.F.E. has to offer in every aspect from love to opportunity to finance and careers.

In facing our feelings of lack and limitation, we find that these feelings stem from a deeply rooted fear of not feeling we are enough.  The thought that we are here in L.I.F.E. to wait it out and see if something good will happen.  No! You are here to make things happen in your experience through the demonstration of your POWER. The Universe brings forth all that you desire.  It is done unto you as you believe.  It is Spirit’s good pleasure to give to you all you dream. You are holding yourself back from experiencing it because you do not believe you deserve it.  You have deprived yourself of your own birthright.

The Universe is no respecter of persons, it provides for you that which you believe.  Stand in your POWER to manifest all you desire.  The word desire itself means Of the Creator, “de means of”, and “sire” means creator; father, lord(which means LAW).  The LAW(Lord) of the Universe does ONE thing and One thing only.  Give to YOU all you feel you deserve through the very thoughts and beliefs that you have.  Our thoughts are the POWER that brings about the activation of the Universe to manifest our Dreams.

It is a patient process of changing deeply rooted belief systems of deprivation, but through self-mastery and love of self, you will come into the awareness that you are here to LIVE and to LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY.  You deserve the best L.I.F.E. has to offer.  Know this in your soul, in your heart and in your mind and become ONE with the thought of your inherent good, which is always waiting for you to activate the Universe by charging it with your thoughts of your good.  Take responsibility for how you think and change your L.I.F.E. from being deprived to deserving and see all you dream begin to manifest in your experience.

Click here for a prayer treatment on going from deprived to deserving – YOU DESERVE TO LIVE!




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