Anger POWER - Control Anger to Use ITS POWER to Enrich Your Life - Dr. Diva Verdun

Anger POWER! – Using Anger to Empower and Enrich Your Life

Its time to get angry. Yes! Get angry. Anger can be used in a healthy manner to catapult you into your greatness. In most cases we are not in control of our anger, and that is why we end up having so many issues. Anger is a POWERful and Divine Tool that grants us access to our POWER by resetting boundaries and alignments. Remember, even Jesus got angry in the temple.

Getting angry does not mean you are always out of control and loose your exposure. “Loosing it” does not have to be detrimental or create shame either because it is bound to happen on occasion. Angry outburst are a release mechanism; much like a tea pot that starts to whistle when it lets off steam. You will regain your composure afterwards, and in most cases you will also feel better once you let off steam. As well, you have now indicated exactly how far you can be pushed before you begin to set boundaries.

We fear moving into this element of anger, but at times even these outburst are necessary to adjust our balance as we take back our POWER. We must come into the full understanding of how to use and control our anger so that it brings forth greater good for us, which is what it is designed to do over the outburst and out of control emotions that get us into more trouble.

Being in control of anger is a very POWERful weapon and a potent gift we all possess in our arsenal to step into our own POWER. This is self-mastery at its greatest. When we are in control of anger, we are in control of our emotions. We are in control of ourselves, because we are using each and every emotion, including anger, to continue to teach us and groom us into the full awareness of our POWER through love of self by setting necessary boundaries.

We fear anger because we don’t like being out of control when we are having this experience. We are not talking about insanity or habitual uncontrollable outburst. We are speaking of allowing yourself to touch the deepest part of your soul so that you come to terms with the things that make you angry to avoid resentment. Once you do, you can make the necessary adjustments to Stand in your own TRUTH.

Anger POWER - Control Anger to Use ITS POWER to Enrich Your Life - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we are managing our anger it becomes a gift that guides us into the POWER to make important decisions, which sometimes are very difficult to make. Our anger also is an indicator that we are not living the experience we feel we deserve.

It is a signal that we are at a peak where we must take back our POWER by reestablishing boundaries. Anger signals our problems, and the problems of others we have allowed in our space, and the issues or events we need to address.

Getting angry is a scary emotion.  It takes us to a place where we are not sure what we will do, but we cannot be fearful of one of our most potent and powerful emotions because it is exactly what is necessary to reset things back in alignment for our good.

Anger is like a tide that rises when there is a storm. The swell of the water always returns to its calm. We have to give ourselves permission to allow anger to become an indicator for our awareness and work to understand and agree with it so that it will subside and go away.

When we do the mental surgery to go within and find what makes us tick, we find that we can touch our anger and agree with it. It does not give us permission to have constant outburst and misuse our POWER. It means we are agreeing with how we feel, and understand that when we are angry there are adjustments that must be made so that we can walk in our TRUTH.

Anger will not go away until we deal with it. It merely becomes submerged and crystallizes into resentment, which creates bitterness and other issues that keep us from living in our POWER. We have to face our hurt and pain. We must deal with our victimization issues and feelings of entrapment. We must purge our guilt and shame and make the necessary changes to take care of ourselves.

Dealing with our anger means we are no longer afraid to handle issues and situations. It means we are prepared to walk in forgiveness so we can move forward in our own TRUTH. We are no longer afraid that someone will leave us, or that we will loose something we value if we deal with our anger. We come to terms with the understanding that we have the Divine Responsibility to allow ourselves to feel and learn from our anger just like we do from all our other emotions.



Click Here for Prayer Treatment to manage, understand and be empowered through anger. (sounds funny to be empowered through anger, but you are empowered to take action when you get angry. The gift is in knowing how to manage the anger even in the moments of uncontrollable outburst)


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