Slow Down and LIVE NOW - Dr. Diva Verdun

Slow Down and LIVE

We are always in a hurry to move forward. Always need things to happen immediately.  We have become a society of people who can’t wait for anything to happen. We are in such a hurry to move forward that we have forgotten to live NOW.  Everything is about how fast we can go do this and that or have this and that happen.  We are in a rush for the future to happen and missing all the NOW moments.

Each day has purpose and meaning and adds to you so that your L.I.F.E. is enriched and full. Nature is not in a hurry.  It is taking its time to enjoy the fruit of living. It is experiencing L.I.F.E. and being ONE with it. Flowers can’t grow any faster than they can grow.  A baby cannot develop any faster than it can in the womb. We cannot rush L.I.F.E., there is a Divine Timing to everything and everything will come into its natural development pattern with time.

There is a reason for time. It is part of the development process. We have seconds, we have minutes, we have hours, we have days, months, and years. Each of these is a measure of time that add to us another key element about living.  In our efforts to move to fast we miss out of simple lessons that give us key information that keeps us from getting ourselves into so much trouble.  Slow Down and LIVE NOW - Dr. Diva Verdun

We are each travelers of a human experience.  When we are traveling we cannot get to a destination any faster than we can by whatever mode of transportation we are taking, be it walking, driving, or flying.  When we are moving so fast and impatient about L.I.F.E. we skip past vital information that we get in the discovery process.  L.I.F.E. is to be savored. It is the precious NOW moments in which we find the fullest gift of living.

When we slow down to experience L.I.F.E. in the NOW, time stands still for us and gives us the opportunity to glean all the key and vital information necessary to catapult us into our dreams for tomorrow.  We must take the initiative and the responsibility to enjoy every moment today, right NOW.

When we are worried about things, or going through a bad experience we feel we need to rush through it because we don’t want to be in the pain anymore.  However, again time is the teacher here.  There is a key reason for the timing and we cannot rush the process, but we can speed up our learning capacity if we use each and every moment as an opportunity to find the deeper truths in each moment NOW. When we do we are enriched into living in the fullness and magic of our own POWER tomorrow.

Slow down. Stop pushing so hard against time.  Time is winning and it will win in every instance, because time cannot rushed. Bread has to bake as long as it takes to bake, and so does everything else including you. Rushing time and hurrying trough your experience or attempting to get to tomorrow faster means you are missing out on living, even in the painful moments. You are not gaining the truth through awareness, which brings you into the fullness of living.

Living means you are absorbing all truth in each and every moment and pondering L.I.F.E. and finding the key jewels in each moment. When we slow down and allow the flowers to grow we are allowing the process to BE. We grow in the beauty of knowing that we are literally ONE with all of TIME and live in each and every NOW moment, including those that are not so pleasant, with the understanding that L.I.F.E. is all about the discovery of our POWER.

We can ONLY discover our POWER in each and every NOW moment. Slow Down, feel L.I.F.E. as it comes into your body.  You can’t rush not one measure of your BEING including the heart beat or the digestive process. Everything has a Divine Timing and in that timing we continue to explore the wonder of our own POWER.



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