Pregnant with a Dream - Living Your Dreams - Dr. Diva Verdun

You are Pregnant with a DREAM

Know that the dream you have is like a baby developing in a womb.  It will come forth in due season.  The dream is you, it is who you already are, you are merely developing and growing and preparing for the new L.I.F.E. that will come forth on it’s BIRTHday.  Allow it to develop, do not attempt to rush it, because you will make it premature and have more issues nursing the sickly dream because it was not quite ready for birth.Pregnant with a Dream - Living Your Dreams - Dr. Diva Verdun

You ARE the dream you see, there is nothing to try to BE, you ARE it.  Saying you are not the dream is like saying a baby is not human.  We all know a baby is human, it is just growing into the fullness of its being.  A dream is the same, it is you growing into the fullness of being.

Taking the same analogy of the baby, let us look at the conception of your dreams and how they come into being.  Spirit is first both male and female.  Spirit is the Father; the Creator and the Mother; the Producer.  Your dream comes forth through the feminine aspect of God.  It is born, through the divine feminine upon conception with the Divine masculine.   The idea/thought is the male aspect and the birth of the dream is the feminine.  Spirit is glorified from the moment of conception, which is the moment you had the idea, not at the moment the dream is born.

Again back to the baby analogy.  When a mother becomes pregnant the reality is a baby will come forward in due time.  From the moment of conception the baby is a reality.  The idea of its birth is glorified and celebrated because we are expecting and excited about its impending birth.  The birthday merely means we finally can see and hold the baby.  We can witness its growth and enjoy its presence.  However, we knew the baby was a reality and that it was coming forth as we prepared for its birthday.  Your dream is a baby that was conceived from both the male and female aspect of God.  You are glorifying Spirit in the mere process of allowing the gestation period to develop the dream so that it may be born.

The mere reason you have dreams is so that Spirit can live a new experience that is unique to only you.  You are so vitally important to L.I.F.E.  because the dream that you have can only come forth and be born through you.  This is because each and every person is having an ordained experience as who they are, while Spirit is having multiple human experiences at ONE time.  We are all ONE with Spirit, there is no division. However, we equally have a unique and individual dream as Spirit enjoys each experience as the living expression called YOU.

To be effective in living your dreams you must stay intuitive and know that you access your POWER through the guidance that comes from within.  Because we have been raised in a shame based society we tend to question our thoughts before we make a decision and generally we override the first thought of action to assure we fit into what is expected by others and society.  This is not how we manifest our dreams.  We manifest our dreams by living in a place of Divine Intuition and knowing that what we hear as our first mind, or first thought, is Spirit saying go this way or that way so that we find all we need in the way of resources and people to assist us in the manifestation of the dream.

When we say, “I should have went with my first mind”, we become aware that the first thought was the right thought.  The first thought is always Spirit speaking truth to you and giving you guidance from within.  We have to train ourselves to override the negative shame based tapes that have taught us to be so afraid to fail at something that we literally are constantly second guessing ourselves directly into failure.

To manifest our dreams we must be intuitively aware of our first mind thoughts and learn to take action upon them in faith without second guessing the direction even when it does not seem to make sense.  It makes no sense to sing on a street corner as a bum if you want to be a super star, but there have been people that believe in their gift when they have nothing else but a dream and sing their hearts out on the street corners.  Miraculously, someone hears them and gets an idea or has a dream and makes a YouTube video of them and the next day everyone in the world knows who they are instantly changing the lives of both people forever. They both followed their intuitive thought. One started singing and the other took action on what they heard and together they became a overnight sensation. This is how Spirit works.  It is all Divine, it is all a miracle, it is all in you, Divinely ordered in right timing, if we but listen to our first mind and take action.

When we are second guessing ourselves we are afraid we won’t fit in.  You are not here to fit in.  You are here to live an outstanding and unique dream.  The dream that you have can only come forth through you.  To see our dreams manifest, we must know we are ONE with our dreams and stop sabotaging them by not being in alignment with our intuitive selves. Through self-mastery we do the internal work to become keenly aware of the small tug and pull that we feel in our Spirit when we get the first mind thoughts.  Once we become fully aware of the first mind thoughts we realize that they are pulling us in the right direction to experience the dream.  We stop second guessing ourselves.  We stop trying to make the timing or things so perfect. We stop stressing out and worrying and simply run with that which we hear within guiding us in the right direction.  You then begin to operate fully in the 1st mind and find yourself stepping over the many obstacles that seem to crop up on the road to evolving into your dreams.

Being bold and courageous to allow yourself to live in your dream means you are living the dream as if it is already born now.  You feel it, live it, and are it NOW, even though it has not manifest yet. Why? Because you ARE your dream.  The birth of the dream only means we physically can see it. IT does not mean the dream is not a reality because in order for the dream to come forth you have to be pregnant for a time and carry the child while being mindful of all you are doing that adds to its development.

To manifest our dreams we must practice BEING that which we know we are.  We act the part, we live the part, we speak the part, we associate with others as if we are the part, and eventually the dream is born and we simply step up into the reality we have been interacting as all along.

You see the only difference in the incubation of the baby and being born is the change of physical presence.  The baby is changing from being in an internal presence to an external one, but the baby is still doing ONE thing; GROWING.  You are that baby… you are continually GROWING no matter how old you become.   When we stop growing we then stop evolving and become stagnant.  We bottle up our emotions, feelings and dreams but the dream itself is still growing within you and pressing you to move forward.  When you don’t grow with the dream it will cause you extreme distress and pain.  Like a bad pregnancy you will either have to abort it, or you will need to tend to it and nurture it to bring forth a healthy child.



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