You are the TREE of Life - Dr. Diva Verdun

You are the TREE of L.I.F.E.

You bear fruit and give of your very essence because you are created in the love and beauty of the Creator.  You ARE the Tree of L.I.F.E.

I know this is a very bold statement that will draw some controversy.  That is because we have been taught that we have no POWER and that we are literally like little manikins awaiting Spirit to touch us with some magical wand so that we will be blessed with certain fruit in our experience.  This is not true, you are the fruit that brings forth fruit.  You are the tree that bears more fruit of itself because you are rooted in Spirit.

You are the TREE of Life - Dr. Diva VerdunJust looking at the way your neural and cardiovascular system is set up you can see how your own body mirrors that of a tree with many branches and many roots.  Even the heart itself, which is at the center of our human existence, seems to be a fruit that hangs upon a vine.  Even the word vine and vein have the same letters in them.  How curious is that?

To ponder this brings curiosity, but in truth it is part of a Divine and miraculous system that operates in perfect order.  You are part of this perfection and the individual tree that takes root in Spirit ITSELF to produce and bring forth fruit from your existence.

Society has reinforced negative thinking and stripped us of our POWER through a shame based structure of existence that reinforces that we have no POWER of ourselves.  That we need government, and religion to be able to sustain ourselves.  This is not fully true. Government is designed to maintain public order and religion sadly has failed in sharing the truth of our POWER because it has been so closely mirrored to government to control us.

We have been taught that we are suppose to strive hard to make a living and somewhere along the way if we are good enough, smart enough, wise enough, good looking enough and connected enough we will make it.  Wait! Skip forward. Why in the world do you have to be enough of something when you are already all of everything?  This is a lie that has been feed to us in a shame based society that values victimization over self-thinkers.

You are the TREE of L.I.F.E. itself. Begin to see your interconnectedness with all that is. You are the microcosm in the great Macrocosm, called the Universe.   You are the standing erect system of nerves and veins and bones which build a complex individual Universal system within you that branches out to produce the fruit of that which you desire.  All of which is brought into manifestation through your thoughts and the actions you take based upon them.

The  TREE of L.I.F.E. is not just an allegory story in the book of Genesis.  The Tree of L.I.F.E. is who you are.  You are the tree that is connected to Spirit and the deeper your roots can go in Spirit the stronger the tree and the sweeter the fruit.



Click here for a prayer treatment about standing tall as the TREE of L.I.F.E.

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