You are Extra-Ordinary - Don't Settle for Less Dr. Diva Verdun

You Are Extraordinary – Don’t Settle for Less

There are times when we don’t seem to get exactly what we want and we actually settle for an alternative.  Alternatives are OK if we are settling for a different pair of shoes because they don’t carry our size, or we lose the bid on an offer for a house to another person and we are forced to find another one.  However, settling for certain circumstances and people in your experience that do not add to you are not in your inheritance.

You are Extra-Ordinary - Don't Settle for Less Dr. Diva VerdunYou are not here to settle for the status-quo type experience.  You are not here to settle for a relationship that is not providing you with joy, love and laughter.  You are not here to settle for a job or career that makes you miserable just so you have your needs met.  You are not here to settle for being mistreated by family and friends because they do not understand your thoughts and philosophies on how you manage your own L.I.F.E.  You are not here to settle for a L.I.F.E. that is less than extraordinary.

An extraordinary L.I.F.E. is not big houses, big money and cars and trips.  Those are things that add to our experience, but they do not make your L.I.F.E. extraordinary.  What makes your L.I.F.E. extraordinary is living the full measure of your experience.  It is living in the magic of the moment.  Living in the KNOWING that you are here as a Perfect Part of the Divine Puzzle that cannot be complete without you.  You are here to live an abundant experience, which is about more than just money and possessions.  It is about an abundant process and being aware of your POWER to tap into the reservoir of wealth that is within you, which in turn materializes into all that you desire.

When we live an extraordinary L.I.F.E. we can’t settle for a less than ordinary relationship, a less than ordinary career, or less than ordinary experience, because we have a more than ordinary dream.  We come into the full awakening of truth that we cannot change anyone so that they fit into the perfection of who we are, except ourselves.

In living an extraordinary L.I.F.E., we come into the fullness of truth that we are here to become more and more aware of our own POWER through each and every experience.  We are exempt from settling for anything less in our lives because we have come into the awareness that we deserve better.

Once you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW you deserve better, you can’t settle for anything less.  You will find yourself attracting more good into your experience at higher and higher levels because your vibration has changed.  You no longer settle for people in your experience because you don’t want to be lonely, or settle for a job just because you are afraid to be broke.  You come into the awareness of truth that living an abundant experience means you are here to live Extra-Ordinarily as YOU.  You become aware that it is not just about money and possessions, it is about how you feel in each and every moment about yourself.  These are the moments that your joy and love of self attract into your experience all that you could possibly dream.

You are not born to settle. You may have to make alternate choices.  But you can choose to by-pass that choice until you find something that you truly want in your experience.  You do not have to be stuck and settle for something that you knew was less than what you wanted in your experience from the beginning.

You are here to live the promise. A L.I.F.E. filled with abundance in every measure.  Financial abundance begins with our knowing that we are abundant in joy and peace and living in the fullness of our POWER.  In turn this will produce for us the manifestation of financial blessings as we continue to walk in our truth knowing we deserve to live all that we envision and dream.



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3 thoughts on “You Are Extraordinary – Don’t Settle for Less

  1. Hi,
    I looove this post! 🙂 Good thing I found your blog (googled the word extraordinary – haha).
    And I’m happy that the date it was posted is my birthday 🙂 woohoo! (may be a sign?).

    Thank you. God bless you.

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