I am Enough - Dr. Diva Verdun

I am Enough

Feelings of not being worthy, deserving, or simply not being enough create an image in your mind that you never will be able to measure up to what the world has dictated you should be. When you allow messages of try harder; do better; or be perfect to drive you, you cannot feel good about yourself, what you have accomplished, or what you are doing. These are messages that feed you so much negativity that you exist in a defeated mentality filled with fear, which prevents you from living in the fullness of L.I.F.E.

You have elected to believe in the lie of not being good enough, and taken it as your truth. Believing you are not good enough means you are operating in a defeatist attitude from the very beginning. You can never win or achieve any dream of relationships or careers, while believing you are not good enough and operate in low self-worth.

If you do not value yourself, how can you expect anyone else to value you?   You bring no value to the relationship or the situation because you feel you are not worthy, deserving or capable, making you a liability to all involved.  You are not carrying your own love weight and expect someone else to fill a void in your soul that only you can fill, and only you can feel.  No one is responsible for making you feel better about you, but you.

Thinking if you could only have a perfect relationship it would solve all your fears and pains and sorrow is a victim mentality that never finds what you are seeking to be truth in your experience. People that value themselves are not attracted to people who feel they have no value.  The relationships that you find yourself in will not serve you as you dream if you do not believe you are enough before you enter into them.

News flash!  A defeatist attitude does not attract Prince Charming or Cinderella.  They are busy being with people who value themselves and thus you are still left alone in your denial, lack of self-worth and low self-esteem.

No one completes you. No one but you!

Low self-worth attracts more misery and pain as the Universe is faithful to validate your belief that you are not worthy or deserving.  It is always done unto you as you believe, even in the negative.  So if you believe that you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, connected enough, then you will have all of these things continue to manifest in your experience as the Universe continues to demonstrate based on your faith. Yes, faith!  Faith in your own lack of worth. Faith in the negatives you conjure in mind because you cemented your faith with a belief that you are not good enough.

We live in a society that is groomed by shame and guilt, which are used to control our behaviors and our decisions and interest. Until we come into the committed consciousness to practice self-mastery we will continue to be asleep to the propaganda that is designed to keep us feeling we are not enough.

The media is focused on sharing an idea and concept of wealth and beauty that 99% of the public will never be able to reach.  So you live your whole experience attempting to fit into a mold that you never came out of.  There is only one mold and that was used to design you.  Once you were crafted by Spirit the mold was broken.  You are not here to live by the world’s idea of who you are. You are more than that.I am Enough - Dr. Diva Verdun

People are lonely and unhappy because they are so busy feeling that someone must create a certain environment for them to be happy. That someone must step up to the plate and take care of them. They feel that they are not worthy on their own, and society has taught us all how to be victims in some form or fashion dependent on outside factors for us to be whole.

NO! You were born perfect, whole and complete. Born into a Divine Birthright and inheritance to live a L.I.F.E. fully abundant in every measure and this means you are deserving and good enough. You were from the time you were born. You are here to live the dream you have and to experience L.I.F.E. in its fullest.  If you do not, only you will miss it in this experience.

You were born as all you should be, you are merely developing into the fullness of your own POWER.  As you come into more awareness of truth and continue to do the mental surgery to root out the negative thoughts that hinder your growth, you awaken into the beauty of knowing exactly who you are and to live all that you dream from the beginning. You are enough, you simply are evolving.  For example: a baby is still a human being. It is just a little human being growing into an adult. Just because the baby is little does not have any bearing on its value as a human being.  It is still 100% a human being.

Likewise, just because you have had a bad relationship or experience, does not mean you are not lovable or worthy of love.  It does not mean you will stay broke and never attain your dreams either.  It means you are growing into the use of your own POWER through the awareness of truth in each and every lesson. This is what self-mastery is all about. It is knowing that you are developing and using each and every experience to capitalize on the truth of who you are while weeding out the negative self talk that limits you with feelings of not being good or worthy enough.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You are a precious flower in the garden of L.I.F.E.  Individually beautiful, and individually perfect. Like the flower, you are opening slowly into your wonderful awesomeness. You are discovering who you are and blooming into that which you were born to be. The flower does not say I have to try harder to be a flower. I have to do better, I have to be perfect. The flower knows its perfection is already within it. It knows that all it must do is continue to bloom and it will become. You are simply evolving into the awareness of that perfection on a daily basis, and each trial you find yourself in is a part of that discovery process.

You are here to blossom. You are as perfect as you will ever be right now in this moment. Tomorrow, you will be as perfect as you will ever be in that moment. You are here to live NOW in your perfection today and continue to evolve into the new awareness of that perfection daily. You are enough for today, and you will always be enough for tomorrow.



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