Being Grateful creates a Magical Life - Dr. Diva Verdun

Gratitude Creates a Magical Foundation for Change

When we are grateful and consciously practice the art of gratitude we positively and quickly change our circumstances.  We are creating a vacuum that sucks in positive energy leaving no room for the negative effects that have been lingering in that space.

Our conscious effort to be thankful, even in the worst times and events, changes our attitude, which in turn changes our outlook on things; thereby giving us a peace and calm about a particular situation as we relax and become still in the present moment.  In this stillness, we find a POWER that moves us through the particular event into a wider and broader aspect of living as the situation just seems to evaporate into the nothingness from which it actually came.

When we recognize the blessing in everything that we experience, including the bad things that happen, we come to realize that every experience is merely a lesson that continues to guide us into the use of our POWER.   We become more aware of and appreciate living and look forward to new opportunities in each and every moment as we begin to live in the NOW.  We leave the past in the past, and we become grateful for all we experienced knowing it brought us into who we are today.  We look at the future as an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve as we become consciously aware of the present moment and partake of the deliciousness of NOW.

When we are thankful, living in an attitude of thanksgiving, we are grateful for everything and everyone.  We are not focused on one particular event to be grateful, we are grateful for all of L.I.F.E. and all that it shares.  In this attitude we open ourselves to positive emotions, which begin to attract into our experience all that we desire as we see our good manifest in our lives.  By learning to be appreciative  of who we are and our own individual experience of living we increase the value and meaning of BEING.
Being Grateful creates a Magical Life - Dr. Diva Verdun

Through a grateful heart we maintain a positive attitude that develops the habit of appreciating what we have over worry and fear of what we don’t.  We come to know peace and joy daily because we begin each morning with a positive and relaxed mind.  We come into a peaceful knowing that Spirit is working everything out in Divine Order and Divine Right Timing.  This peaceful knowing continues to add to our graciousness of living, which attracts more and more good into our experience.

When we step into a true attitude of gratitude we begin to change negative patterns in mind. We then handle challenges differently because we have come into an awareness that we don’t have to work so hard to control or force an outcome. We confident in the POWER of the PRESENCE knowing it all will work out in peace as we continue to be grounded in the spiritual POWER of thanksgiving.

Being grateful is not merely lip service to say “thank you”.  It is a spiritual concept that we embrace and live in that gives luster and spark to living. When we are gracious we create a paradigm shift through a conscious effort to change our thinking and exercise the will POWER to act on our thoughts of gratefulness.

The challenges continue to arise in each days events, but through self-mastery we know that by exercising thanksgiving and our gratitude of L.I.F.E. itself we can change the outlook of each event and circumstance.  We are re-aligning ourselves with the POWER of the PRESENCE and living in the NOW to know that truth prevails in each and every moment.

In an attitude of gratitude we no longer take other people for granted. We become appreciative of the lessons they provide us, knowing that we are being guided and grow through the realization that all relationships chisel us into the work of art that we were designed to be. We no longer make assumptions about how other people should treat each other or what they should be doing for themselves.  We are open to allow everyone to grow into their own POWER in their own timing because we are grateful for the Divine PRESENCE that lives in all people and all things.  We do not feel entitled to more from the world, because we know the Universe is always faithful to give us all that we desire and cares for us.  We are no longer focused on who is right and who is wrong, we see both points of view as right to the person they stream from and accept that as OK.

Through thankfulness we relax and let go and allow Spirit to heal and mend all our pains and hurts as we look at L.I.F.E. through a new filter, seeing it as the perfection of living over the lack of what we think we should have or attain.

Being grateful brings us into a realization of truth that creates an attitude for appreciating every experience as we begin to realize that each and everything that we go through is part of our own refinement in the truth of living. It is the practice of a grateful heart we grow by leaps and bounds into a magical joy of L.I.F.E. and a peace that knows no understanding.

Gratitude elevates self-love allowing miraculous changes to manifest in our experience as we continue to feel better and better about ourselves and how we fit into the Divine Universal Machine. We become aware that we are here, experiencing the magic of L.I.F.E. and here to live it more abundantly. We realize that we get the opportunity to define who we are through our triumphs and our trials we come into a greater awareness of truth in the realization of our POWER.

Through gratitude we release resentment and the pains of yesterday and take up the shield of love and forgiveness as we move forward with precision crafting the lives we desire.

When we recognize our frustrations from unmet expectations and allow gratitude to heal us from disappointments we appreciate all that manifest in our experience, knowing that each and every desire has its rightful timing for manifestation. We begin to step into the POWER of deserving over thinking we simply got what we deserved. Gratitude changes our attitude, which changes our feelings and behaviors, which then brings about the change we seek in our lives.



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