Living Life Fully - Dr. Diva Verdun

You are here to LIVE L.I.F.E.

We are so ingrained in our socialized roles of making a living that we have forgotten that we are really here to live a L.I.F.E.  By passing up opportunities to simply smile and enjoy a moment of laughter you prevent yourself from knowing the fruit of what truly being alive is all about.  You are here to fully live all of L.I.F.E.  Just living for a pay check or hanging on through a survival mentality is not living, it is existing.

Making a living means we are merely existing through this experience.  Waiting on a paycheck or worse thinking we are going to get that big break one day when we win the lotto is prolonging living now.  The truth is that if you are not living during the times you are struggling financially, you will not know how to live once and if you come into a position of wealth.  When we are fully aware of living we know that wealth and abundance are attracted to the attitude we have about living L.I.F.E.

When we are living L.I.F.E. we know we are fully abundant in all we do and desire because we were born with an internal magnet that attracts to us that which we are believing.  So we work through self-mastery to assure our belief systems are in check with a positive outlook on L.I.F.E., which in turn brings about more good in our experience as we simply relax and move through each day. Living Life Fully - Dr. Diva Verdun

Remember, today is sufficient of itself.  We only are taking care of the task for today.  Tomorrow’s task, crisis and situations are for tomorrow.  When we are focused on truly living in the now moments, we come to understand that it is only about what we are experiencing right now.

Living L.I.F.E. means we are fully engaged in the Spirit of living itself. IT does not mean we are not responsible and do not do the necessary things to sustain ourselves.  It means we are fully giving over to each and every experience to find the fullest meaning and truth in that moment so that we can extract all of the vital essence out of it.  We become fully aware and begin to live in the full expectancy of every good thing in each and every moment as we continue to enjoy simple things like breathing.  Yes! Breathing.

Have you ever just focused on your breath? Thought about how your lungs work and how they are on auto-pilot? Have you considered that you are breathing in a substance that is Spirit Itself that sustains you in your body?  Truly living is not about money and fame and the accumulation of things.  It is fully about knowing who you are and living the fullness of the experience called L.I.F.E. knowing that all you desire is always being added on to you.

The stress of the grind of working and moving into our careers is the socialized idea of living.  There is no grind to living, there is only living.  It is not hard when we know that the Father’s good pleasure is to give us the kingdom.  When we realize that all we desire is already in the fabric of our own DNA then we can move forward and carry on with the business of L.I.F.E. itself.

It is not about waiting until you have more love, more money or more things to live. It is about knowing that you are here to LIVE and so you live in each moment with or without the things that a socialized system dictates you must have in order to be happy. There are people all over the world that have never had simple things as shoes and clean water, yet they find joy and happiness in their present moments.

In western culture, we are spoiled to having so much at our access and we still are not happy because we want more.  Stop wasting valuable opportunities to experience the fruit of L.I.F.E. by waiting for the big score, the perfect joy, the perfect mate etc…  You are already perfect, and there is nothing to achieve, only to grow into what has already been given.

Live L.I.F.E. and live it more abundantly.  That means live in your present moment. Live in the joy of all that you already have.  Live in appreciation and gratitude by giving thanks.  Live in the fullness of the very presence of your BEING.  Live in your body and know that the things you do and want to achieve are not the living part, they are the doing part.  Living is slowing down and noticing that the flowers are blooming.  Living is slowing down and feeling your own heart beat.  Living is slowing down and feeling the air going in and out of your lungs.  Living has nothing to do with money or getting ahead.  IT has everything to do with experiencing L.I.F.E. right now; in the PRESENCE of your own BEING.



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