Count it All Joy - Dr. Diva Verdun

Count It All Joy – It’s Where Spirit is Leading You

Problems are there to be solved.  All problems have an answer.  It is up to us to contemplate and meditate and evolve through the problem as we arrive into the answer.  Issues come up that may seem to truly knock us totally out of the game, but all issues subside and on the other side we find ourselves in the Presence of Joy.  The joy of relief, the joy of knowing and the joy of being able to make it through whatever situation and circumstance presented itself.

Counting our issues Joy means we are able to look directly into the face of the problem and KNOW that through it we will find the wonder and amazement of a new experience when we get to the other side of the issue.  We actually change our whole outlook on a particular problem.  It does not mean the problem goes away and we don’t have to go through anything.  It means we find a joyful peace in the problem because we have come into an awareness that when we are going through something it means the door is swinging closed in one direction and swinging open in the other.

Count it All Joy - Dr. Diva VerdunWe can count the problem itself all joy because the problem in itself is the answer that we have been truly seeking.  Yes, it is the answer, because as you move through the problem you will begin to realize that you asked for some kind of relief from something in one way or another and the problem itself is bring about the answer or brought on the results you have been actually questioning Spirit about.

See sometimes the solution has to come forth as a problem because there is no other way to make it work.  Sometimes there must be a storm to bring the welcomed and much-needed rain.  Once the storm is gone the rain has refreshed and replenished all.

We have to come to welcome the storms in our experiences.  The rain is coming, and it is there to wash us whole again.  The problems are painful and sometimes seem to never end. But if we can begin to exercise self-mastery to force our thoughts to look at problems with joy, the problem becomes the exact answer we prayed for.  Then we can begin to give thanks for the actual problem because we know that as we resolve it, we are moving directly into the JOY of that which we have prayed and asked Spirit for.

Counting it all Joy means we are ready for the challenges that L.I.F.E. brings us and we are prepared to move through the issues in a peace and calm that surpasses all understanding because we know that through the problem we are moving directly into living our POWER.

We are solving the problems, we are healing, we are moving through the door that is closing and walking into the one that is opening.  Do not be afraid and do not draw back and have a pity party because you have a problem.  Give it all over to your Higher POWER.  Know this POWER lives within you and Count the problem itself Joy because that is exactly where you are being led through the experience you are going through.

Ohhhhh but you can shout with JOY when you have a problem.  People will believe you have lost your mind.  However, you will come into the awareness that when you get excited about the problem, it is resolved so fast and with great peace in your favor moving you into your highest and greatest good.



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