You have Great POWER within - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stepping into your POWER

You do not have to choose to be victimized by people, by situations, by work, by your friends, by your intimate relationships, your family or even by your own feelings or thoughts and circumstances.

You are not here to live a victimized experience.  You are not a victim and you were not born to be picked on, mistreated, abused or any of the other things that negatively impact us as we go through our experience.  You were born a victor, here to live a victorious experience.

The issues of L.I.F.F. we suffer through are because the challenges are designed to be the obstacle courses we use to become fully fit to live in the full use of our POWER.  Admitting and accepting powerlessness is important, but you do not have to allow being powerless in a situation to make you a victim.

As you come into an awareness of truth you will begin to realize that the challenges that seem to leave you with no power or control are exactly the events that lead to you understanding the true POWER that lives within you.  It is up to you to exercise self-mastery to go within to find the POWER to be still and learn from the experience so that you can gain wisdom and insight about yourself in the issue, which in turn allows you to develop fully into your BEINGness.

Once you accept that powerlessness is your opportunity to gain more power then you become still in the knowledge of your impending good that is in the process of being born through the very issues that you are suffering through.  It is when we get caught in the cycle of the suffering that we never find the path to our POWER.

You have Great POWER within - Dr. Diva VerdunWe cannot focus on the suffering and the pain, we have to focus on the realization that we are coming into a new awareness of self that leads us into living our POWER in an abundantly rewarding experience.  It is always done unto you as you believe.  If you believe in your POWER then you will get still in mind and go within and allow the issues of L.I.F.E. to teach you more about self.

It is not about anyone else and what they did or did not do to you.  It is always about you and how you process what happened.  When we make it about what others have done to us, we lose or give away our POWER and become the victim to the situation and to other people.  In releasing the situation through forgiveness and going within to see the problem as the very solution to moving forward we begin to realize our own POWER.  In this moment L.I.F.E. becomes a game of strategy you use to process issues to find the lesson in it and how you will use the lesson to prosper living an abundantly rewarding experience.

You can step into your POWER at any time you choose, in any situation, in any instance, in any place.  You do not have to feel your hands are tied, or grovel helplessly submitting to every issue that comes along.  You can use the problem to gain insight and move into your POWER as you step into your highest and greatest good.

You are not here to be a victim. You are here to take each and every problem and issue and find the POWER within you that catapults you into the victorious person you were born to be.  Without challenges you will not learn how great you are.  Stop crying and worry about the problems and issues and learn to face them head on to prosper your L.I.F.E.

In self-mastery we find ourselves amused by challenges because we know we have a new opportunity to grow to a higher level of use of our own POWER.  It is all in how you look at the glass, either it is half full or half empty.  You have to change your view-point and once you do you will see your L.I.F.E. change to mirror your new awareness as you step into the fullness of your own POWER.



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