Your Attitude is Your Magnet - Dr. Diva Verdun

Your Attitude is Your Magnet

When we stop to evaluate our attitude we come into the understanding that all our relationships and circumstances are directly affected by our manner, disposition, feelings or position regarding particular people or things based on our tendency or orientation of a positive or negative mind. Our attitudes are not the same as our personalities, because our attitudes change depending on stimuli, exposure, education and awareness.  Our attitudes change depending on all of our experiences and how we come to evaluate them.

To fully understand how our attitude can change our whole experience we have to look at the underlying factors that motivate our actions.  If we have a hostile nature about something, we have charged our aura with that negative energy and people can feel it before we even open our mouth to speak.  They can feel the negative energy even if what we say is something that sounds loving and nice.

Our attitude is the magnet that brings to us all we desire.  If we have an attitude of being a victim, we attract a victimized experience by attracting people who mistreat us.  If we have a hostile nature, we will attract into our experience multiple hostile or volatile situations.  If we have low self-esteem, we will find ourselves experiencing situations that continue to make us feel we have no value.  Likewise if we are self-confident and have love of self, we will attract positive, loving relationships, and powerful opportunities. Your Attitude is Your Magnet - Dr. Diva Verdun

We lead with our attitude, because our attitude charges the energy layer that surrounds us and that energy layer then is moving ahead of us either attracting, reflecting or repelling our experiences.  This is why self-mastery is vital. It is vital that we come into a place of conscious awareness of our own pain, fears, shame and guilt so that we can deal with them and come back into a place of self-propelled POWER so that we are charging our attitudes with the positive energy necessary to attract to us that which we desire.

Yes! This is the breakdown to how the law of attraction actually works.  It is not about just thinking a thing and having a thing.  It is about BEING a thing and attracting all that you are to you.  Once you have a deep feeling of confidence and self-awareness, you come into a place of knowing that you are here to win in every area of your L.I.F.E. and you realize that you win through your attitude.

Once you change your attitude from one of struggle, defense and strife, to one of love, peace, joy and gratitude, you are setting yourself in alignment to charge your magnet to attract to you all of your good.  Attitude is everything!  It is done onto you as you believe, and what you believe generates a certain attitude that charges the energy layer around you.

In order to charge your magnet you must work consciously on self to come into an awareness of what you truly think and feel.  You must deal with your pain and allow it to move through you and come into an acceptance of truth about it.  You must put aside your attempts to force and fight your way to the top of a situation and know that you are always on top of things when you have the right attitude.

Once you come into an awareness of truth regarding your own beliefs and what makes you feel a certain way, you then deal with the weak areas and build new layers of truth that make you stronger.  Now that you are equipped with a new empowered belief system you will see your attitude change, which in turn changes the force field around charging and attracting your highest and greatest good.

Your attitude is your magnet that activates the law of attraction positively to bring you all you desire.  If you are not focused on what type of attitude you carry you may be using the same law of attraction to attract into your experience the things you least desire, while sitting and begging God for a change in your L.I.F.E.

Stop begging God and be about knowing God!  Once you change your attitude and are conscious of who you are you tap into the well of your own God/Universal given POWER.  Then God/Universe can truly move on your behalf.  You then will see the rewards you desire begin to manifest in your L.I.F.E. as you positively attract your good, and the bad seems to move around and over you as you continue to live a POWERful experience.



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