In-Between and can't go back - Dr. Diva Verdun

In-Between the Old and the New

When we are in-between relationships, in-between careers or jobs, in-between classes, in-between decisions etc…  we may find ourselves uncomfortably aware that we have no choice but to let go of the old and familiar.  We are generally apprehensive because we have no control or knowledge of the future, which makes us nervous as we ponder the state of our affairs.  We are generally uncomfortable at this in-between stage of waiting for the new because we feel like we are literally standing still with our hands empty. We have little faith and that Spirit will not come through with the blessing we are praying for.

The uncomfortable feeling of being in-between drives us to attempt to control the manifestation or force it to come forward sooner.  When it does not, we may return and settle for the old and familiar even though we may strongly desire change.  When we totally let go of the bird in the hand we are free to wait in the bush, meaning we have to be still and know that all is working in our highest and greatest good no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

We have become so accustomed to controlling every outcome that we are no longer intuitive enough to open our eyes and stay focused on the Spiritual aspects of living that bring about our daily bread.  Our daily bread is not simply food, but all of L.I.F.E. itself.  When we are stayed on the PRESENCE, we know that every need is always being met in each and every moment and that when we are in-between we are simply in the waiting room awaiting the delivery of something new.

In-Between and can't go back - Dr. Diva VerdunWe must be alert to our feelings and consciously aware of our fears.  We must do the mental work to keep ourselves from dipping into states of low self-esteem when we are in-between our blessings.  We must fend off feelings that we do not deserve the blessing we seek, or worse give up just before the manifestation.  We come into an awareness that we are in a stage that we are supposed to simply give it all over to Spirit and allow it to flow, not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow, but staying totally focused on this present moment.

When we focus on the now moment we can be calm and at peace when we are in the middle and waiting for our blessing.  We know it is coming and it will be perfect and on time.  We are in a calm peace that overcomes our own fears and allows Spirit to bring into manifestation a greater blessing than the one we can force of our own free will.

We no longer feel lost and alone, or have doubts and wonder if we are moving in the wrong direction.  We no longer have feelings of anxiety, fear or apprehension about what tomorrow holds for us because we accept our uneasy feelings and realize that it is normal to feel this way.  We allow ourselves to fully feel the fear of not knowing what tomorrow brings and how we will manage to move through the days to come and relax in the knowing that Spirit is refining and paving each and every turn on our path to the new blessing we are moving towards.

Being in-between is not a comfortable place to be and it is unavoidable as we move into higher and higher levels of awareness and blessing, because L.I.F.E. is about constant change.  However, we can make the mental adjustment to know that when we feel uneasy in the middle stages that we are not really waiting we are in the wake of a blessing that is coming forth if we simply relax and allow ourselves to be calm and ride the wave towards our dreams.



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