Empowerment through saying no - dr. diva verdun

Saying No Puts Your L.I.F.E. Back In Perspective

Learning to say no means taking ownership of your own power.  You do not have to always justify your decisions with doing things to over compensate for the answer you really would like to give. You just say no and know it is OK.

Saying no is felt deeply in your soul, but many times we override our souls answers because of our fear of rejection or loss of love or respect from others.  We over burden our lives with situations and circumstances we prefer not to have to deal with because of our fear of saying two small letters, which have the power to free us to live the experience we prefer to be living.

How to say No - Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun - http://drdivaphd.comWe are socialized to feel guilty about saying no to people. We have grown to believe through socialization that if we say no to anything or to anyone we cut off the opportunity to be loved or liked by others. We then feel guilty for feeling we should say no even though it is what we feel we should really be doing. We override our own power and give it away because we can’t stand in our own truth to simply say no.

Being afraid to say no means we are subjecting ourselves to a set of circumstances that we rather not be a part of because we feel guilty about taking care of ourselves. We are so busy working to please others that we stop liking ourselves and begin to formulate resentment or shame because we didn’t have the courage to stand in our own truth. When we have the courage to say no we are setting boundaries for our good.

Stop overriding your POWER when you feel you need to say no. Just say no!

You are saving yourself from pending heartache and/or other issues because you are standing in your own truth when you have enough courage to say no.

If you are so afraid that someone will not like you or love you because you say no to them, then do they really love or like you in the first place?  Do you really like or love them, or are you living in fear of loss and rejection if you put a stop to something that you internally do not believe is working on your behalf?

You do not need to offer a long explanation for your decision to say no. You simply need courage to stand in your truth to say it and mean it. If those you thought you loved or want to love you go away because you say no, then they were not there for love at all. They were there because you are always doing for them and had no intention of taking care of your feelings anyway. So what did you lose?

When you have the courage to say no, you are saying yes to your highest and greatest good. You will begin to find yourself respected and taken seriously because you stand in your own truth when you say yes or no. You mean what you say and say what you feel.

Saying no is not the kill all, it is your heal all that keeps you from wasting your energy in directions that you do not need to explore. By saying no you are in control of your own POWER.



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3 thoughts on “Saying No Puts Your L.I.F.E. Back In Perspective

  1. Hello Dr. Diva… thank you for sharing with me how powerful the word “no” is… are I should say empowering because I am in the process of buying a home… I am preparing for the final walk-through. During the previous walk-through the independent inspector I hired found discrepancies.… The seller and the builder has informed me the discrepancies have been corrected and we are ready to go to closing. However, I requested a re-inspection from the same inspector.…he is out of town at the moment for the final inspection. From deep down in my soul to the surface I am prepared to “say no” until the inspector return for the re-inspection of his discrepancies to ensure they have been corrected.… before I read your article about how powerful those little two letters are, I was willing to say “yes” and accept things as they were which would have been a financial disaster.… thank you for your advice. God bless.
    Cedric Orange Ist


    1. Congratulations on your new house and welcome to stepping into the fullness of your own POWER…
      Yes, she is my 1st cousin, her mother and my father, both deceased now, were sister and brother. I call here my Mini Me. We looked so much alike when we were kids people thought we were sisters. The genes are very strong in our family so all of the 1st cousins look like siblings. Sending you warm blessings…

      Love and the Magic of the Light!

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