You are a Problem Solver - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Are a Problem Solver

There is no such thing as a problem free L.I.F.E. Problems continually guide us into the highest use of our POWER.  We are designed as problem solvers. We have the ability to search for and find the answers necessary to resolve our issues, which in turn helps us develop and stretch as we grow in the use of our POWER.

With each problem there is a unique solution.  It is up to us to search for the answers so we can resolve the problem.  If we spend more time reacting to the problem than we do solving the problem we merely are delaying the work we must invest to find the solution.

The problem will not just go away.  We have to take some form of action in order for the problem to be resolved.  No one can actually fix our problems for us either.  They can provide us with a temporary fix, but this will not totally solve the problem as we find ourselves faced with the same issues time and time again until we invest in the necessary work to solve our own problems.

You are a Problem Solver - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we sit and complain and ponder why something is happening to us, or worse exclaim L.I.F.E. is awful or worry about why it is happening we may feel like God is picking on us for some reason.  These are all tactics based in denial that remove us from being in the right frame of mind to solve our problems.

You were born with the ability to be a problem solver. In actuality, our minds are stimulated by solving problems and we continue to refine our ability to reason and think from doing so.

L.I.F.E.’s problems are equally as powerful in refining us to live a fully charged experience.  Problems do not just go away, we will always have some form of a challenge in one way or another.  Through the problem we find key and vital answers by going within and finding new resolutions, which add to our growth and understanding, giving us the ability to resolve future issues quicker as we learn the proverbial ropes of handling certain issues.  Once we do we have acquired a certain level of awareness that empowers us to handle the problem when it comes up again.  We learn from both the problem and the solution.

As we accept problems as an inevitable part of our experience we change our attitudes about the problems we experience.  We see the problem as an opportunity to grow, to learn and to become more.  We see the problem as guiding us in new directions as we develop in the awareness of our POWER.

You are a problem solver.  All of the solutions you seek are within you.  Stop blaming, whining and crying because you have a problem as this drains your energy.  Look at the problem with a positive attitude and see in the problem the opportunity to grow into your highest and greatest good.



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