Life Management by Dr. Diva Verdun

L.I.F.E. Management

We manage our careers, our children, our business and affairs, but in many cases we are not fully aware that the first thing we should focus on managing is our lives.  L.I.F.E. management is taking time to love self and love the very fact that you are alive.  It means going within daily and taking inventory on who you are and how you are growing.  It means doing the mental work to clean your mental house by removing the negative energy that holds you back from realizing your dreams.  It means you are consciously aware of what you are thinking and why and take note that living is not about what you manage outside of yourself, but what you manage within.

As we continue to travel the L.I.F.E. journey we go through the peaks and valleys, which leave us with pains, hurts, guilt, anger and shame.  In order to continue to grow and realize the fullness of L.I.F.E. we must begin to manage our emotions and balance our fears.  We must deal with our hurts and pains and free ourselves from our shame.  We must come into the realization that we are here for one specific purpose and that is to Live L.I.F.E. and to Live It More Abundantly.

Life Management by Dr. Diva VerdunSadly, many of us get caught up in the daily grind of attempting to control our lives into becoming one thing or another.  We are so focused on forcing outcomes that we are not growing because our lives are not manageable.  We are busy forcing relationships to work, or caught up in dead-end experiences wishing that we could change our lives and not sure how to do so.

When we engage in self-mastery we come to realize that once we can manage our own emotions and fears our lives seem to miraculously work in peace and divine timing and order.  Every one of our issues begins to become a clear reflection of truth that gives us an opportunity to manage our lives and come into the awareness that we have the POWER within.

Management is a human action to facilitate production of useful outcomes from a system.  You are a system, an organization housed in ONE Being.  When you are organizing and working through a plan you are managing the system to accomplish a desired goal or objective by using all the available resources to accomplish the necessary task.

Once you take inventory of the available resources stored within you will find yourself capable of designing a L.I.F.E. management system that will bring about the most effective options to live your highest and greatest good NOW.

Self-management is L.I.F.E. management.   It is all about managing your own experience.  You are the Chief Executive Officer of an organization of ONE: You.



Click Here for a Prayer Treatment on L.I.F.E. Management


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