Yes to Life and Live the Promise - Dr. Diva Verdun

Saying Yes to the Gift of Living

We are a socialized culture of people that have been taught to view the negative outcomes first.  We explore every possible angle from a negative aspect over seeing anything positive.  We worry and fear outcomes that more than likely will never happen, and we spend more than 90% of our energy contemplating issues from a negative standpoint over seeing positive options that bring about solutions.

We are trained to say no, when we want to say yes, and to say yes when we want to say no. What is wrong with this picture? We are a totally dysfunctional society based on a set of behavior patterns that have been stamped into our thinking since we were children that cloud naturally intuitive thinking.
We have been trained to fear L.I.F.E. over revering it. Our thinking is out of alignment with Divine order and the natural process that are designed for us to prosper.

What is wrong with saying yes to L.I.F.F.?  Saying yes to love?  Saying yes to friends and family?  Even, saying yes to taking risk?  We must learn how to say yes to living!  We can’t fully be about the process of living if we are so busy denying ourselves the opportunity to live.

Saying no has a perfect place in setting boundaries, which are very necessary.  However, we have been trained to say yes, when we feel we should be saying no, and to deny ourselves when we really want to say yes. This is backwards.  We are not being true to our own thoughts and emotions, and sabotaging the birthright of natural abundance and the gift of living because we have been socialized to base our actions on fear, shame and disapproval.

We want so much in L.I.F.E. and we miss so much of it because we deny ourselves the opportunity to live because of fear of what people are thinking.  Likewise, we deny ourselves the opportunity to set boundaries by saying no for the same reason.  We have to come back into the natural balance of what is good or bad for our own being.  We have to look at L.I.F.E. and know that it is perfectly designed to give us all that we desire and that it is up to us to see the gift of living in L.I.F.E. itself.

Yes to Life and Live the Promise - Dr. Diva VerdunIf we are so busy denying our good, we will never be able to experience L.I.F.E.  We must overcome fear of success, and fear of failure and stop worrying about what other people are thinking.  All that really matters is what are you thinking about your own L.I.F.E?

If you are feeling or thinking you are lonely, sad, miserable, or broke etc… you are missing your opportunity to enjoy L.I.F.E.  Maybe you are ingrained in fear, pain and shame and can’t get past negative emotions to experience living.  Maybe you have denied yourself the opportunity to live because you are afraid to be back in the same pain.

Newsflash!  As long as you prolong living because you are afraid to get hurt again, you are still living in the pain and fear that generated the original hurt.  You will never be able to live a real joyful, happy and abundant experience because you are to busy living in the past issues that were only designed to teach you how to live your POWER.

Society has taught us that L.I.F.E. is hard and ugly, so we attempt to protect ourselves because we are afraid to stretch and grow for fear of making a mistake.  We are afraid to say YES to L.I.F.E.  But you are not here to struggle through and etch out an existence until the last day.  You are here to use all your problems to catapult you into the use of your own POWER.

When you can see that L.I.F.E. is merely a classroom that is designed to groom you into the full awareness of who you are, you begin to perform miracles in your own experience.

Look!  Jesus had problems!  BIG problems!  However, he knew how to live L.I.F.E. in spite of his problems.  He still performed miracles and he still moved forward to live and he lived well.  He traveled and made friends and experienced L.I.F.E.  So why are you saying no to L.I.F.E. because you had a problem, or had a bad relationship, or have no job etc…  These are all excuses we allow to creep up and steal from us the abundance of living.

You are here to live fully in the promise. The promise of L.I.F.E. is to live and live more abundantly.  Abundance means freely flowing.  This means you are freely flowing of every good thing.  You only have to tap into your own POWER to manifest your dreams by simply saying yes to L.I.F.E.

Get up and say yes!  Get up and use your problems and issues and pain to learn more about who you are. They empower you to live.  Know that all things you experience that are bad, are simply part of your growth.  Remember, you did not know that it would bring you into a bad experience when you first decided to get into it.  You learned you didn’t like it, or that the experience was not right for you after some time of being in the experience.  You originally chose to live and made a decision, this was choosing L.I.F.E.  You grew into the understanding that you did not like the experience.  Know that learning is naturally designed this way.  This is how we learn to truly enjoy living.  We have to test the waters and sometimes we encounter a storm or two.  This is how we learn what we like to experience or not.

Do not allow yourself to stop growing because of fear.  Do not allow yourself to stop living and say no to L.I.F.E. because of pain and hurt.  You are here to live fully in the promise and you are designed with a well of POWER within you to overcome each and every issue that is presented.  The issues of L.I.F.E. are only there to steer you into the direction of living your highest and greatest good.



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