Getting my prayers answered - Dr. Diva Verdun

Getting Prayers Answered

Sometimes we pray so hard we cry. Sometimes we cry and can’t pray. Other times we wonder “why pray” as things just seem to stay the same. Your prayers are not the problem. The problem is your thinking.

Prayer is a request. It is an act that seeks to activate the relationship with the Divine to generate a communication. So if we are consistently praying we are consistently requesting communication, but when do we stop to have a conversation and listen for the answers?

When we are consistently praying, crying, begging and pleading for a change we are caught up in our own pain and not willing to do the necessary work to find the answers. We are not sitting still to allow ourselves the communion with the Divine to receive the answers we need to resolve the issues. We are begging for a miracle. However, all miracles come through you. You attract them into your experience, they don’t just happen arbitrarily.

Once we pray we must release our request and sit in the stillness to absorb the answer. All that we have ever prayed for is generated through our very own soul. It is always done unto you as you believe. This is very evident in prayer as well.

When we pray we must believe we have the answer. Actually, we had the answer before we began to pray. We simply were not aware of it yet. The POWER is actually not in the prayer or the request, but it is in the stillness and the knowing and the expectation of the answer that we find in our quiet time as we go within. This is the POWER of Positive Prayer.

When we pray we are requesting audience with the Divine. However, until we get still and quiet we will not be able to realize the answer, because the answer is within us. The answers do not come miraculously out of the sky. They come from the peace within that stills your mind to allow your soul to go to work to resolve your issues.

It is OK to cry to cleanse and wash the soul. But remember joy comes in the morning. This joy is the realization of the prayer as we overcome our grief and pain and no longer engage in a ritual of self-pity. We are no longer begging the Divine to meet our needs. We no longer are drowning in our own pain, fear and shame. We stand in our POWER and understand that we are here to be victorious in living.

Getting my prayers answered - Dr. Diva VerdunAs we become more self-aware we consciously begin to sit and still our mind to quiet the negative thoughts that generate fear. We get still and we find the answers we seek and the courage to act upon them. We learn that fear is holding us back because we are afraid to experience more pain.

Pain is merely a teacher. We have all cut our finger with a knife at some point or another, but we still use the knife. We are simply more cautious of how we use it when we do. L.I.F.E. is the same way. Why do we sit still and suffer in our pain when we hurt? Why don’t we get back up and live? We will pick the same knife that cut us up and continue to use it knowing we may cut ourselves again if we are not careful. However, when we get emotionally hurt we stay stuck in the pain, afraid to move forward while we beg God for a miracle. The miracle we seek is already within us. We have to pick ourselves up and start living again. We start by getting still to find the answers and guidance necessary to win from within.

The pains you experience are all part of your growth to bring you into the full use of your POWER in higher and higher degrees. You were born with all the POWER within you to overcome all that you experience.

Yes, some people have horrible pain from childhood trauma, others are simply stuck in temporary issues. The truth is that no matter how horrible your suffering and pain, you are still here to live. While some people suffer debilitating injuries and loose limbs and bounce back to savor all of L.I.F.E., others experience relationship break-ups and determine they are failures at living. NO! This is not true of you! You are here to LIVE in the fullness of the PROMISE no matter what happened or how awful it was.

You will never have prayers answered as long as you are begging for an answer and not doing the work to clear the negative thoughts and fears by loving self. You will never have prayers answered if you cannot sit still and quiet your mind to allow the Divine to speak to you from within. This is where all prayer is answered. Prayer is requesting communication with the Divine. If you want to hear Spirit speak to you and have your questions answered, you have to get still. You have to meditate, even if it is for only 60 seconds… DO IT and see how much magic happens in your L.I.F.E. from 60 seconds of stillness. You will begin to thirst for more as you find the answers you seek and begin to see the fear that has consumed you begin to subside.

You are here to live. Here to live fully all of L.I.F.E. Stop begging the Divine for answers and take aggressive action to hear the voice of God within you. You have all you need right within you. Once you pray, sit still and wait for the answers in the quiet. The answers cannot come to you through a barrage of request. Stop asking God are we there yet, and sit still and know that you will get there momentarily.

All you ever dreamed is real! It lives in you. To see your dreams manifest, and to clear all the issues you experience, you have to know that prayer is your request for communication with the Divine. Exercise positive prayer by taking action once you pray to still your mind and do the mental work to clear the negative thoughts and beliefs to allow space for the new and fresh answers that Spirit is delivering to you. Pray, then get very still and expect your blessings to manifest.



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