Physician Heal Thyself - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Have the POWER to Heal Yourself through Mental WILLness

Your body is a natural healing vehicle.  The Universal Intelligence within you knows exactly how to repair ever cell, every fiber, every nerve, every bone and even every mental illness you may be suffering from.  Your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself.  You are the Physician of your own mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

When we are sick we are suffering from dis-ease.  We have some emotional or physical damage that has caused a tear in our aura.  This tear allows all the negative energy to pour in leaving us totally out of balance.  You have the healing energy resident within you to heal every part of your experience from the physical aspects in your body, to the mental aspects in your mind and including the outer aspects of your experience.

Healing is Universally charged throughout all of L.I.F.E..  It is what we refer to as change.  Change comes to heal and repair all that was damaged and make it all new.  Your mind and your body are always changing.  You do not have to choose to allow either to stay ill.

When you are practicing mental WILLness you cannot suffer from mental illness, which is not only the cause of emotional and mental issues, but is also the root cause of all sickness in your physical body as well.   By practicing mental WILLness you are choosing to be rooted in Spiritual Divine Health, which is your natural state of BEING.  You do not have to give in to being sick.

Physician Heal Thyself - Dr. Diva VerdunLook at nature.  How often do animals actually get sick, unless there is some cause inflicted upon them by man?   You have the same POWER of Health within you.  You do not have to choose to buy into flu season or any season.  You do not have to choose to have  mental and emotional issues either as you were born with the POWER of a sound mind.  Remember, you are the Divine Physician in Manifest Form given the following command:  “Physician Heal Thyself.”

The Healing Energy of the Divine not only surrounds you it is in you.  It is consistently in action repairing and restoring us as we experience change.  It is our own emotional weakness that causes us to allow sickness to enter our bodies and our minds through fear of change.  We allow the negative energy to run rampant in our minds totally unchecked and in most cases totally unaware it is actually there.  We simply accept that we are sick and look for healing outside of ourselves.  NO! You are the Divine Healer.  You have the POWER in you to heal you.  No one else can heal you. They can only address the wound or administer the aid and know the Spiritual Truth of your Divine Health.  You do the healing yourself.

If you cut your finger, no one makes it heal but you.  Healing is an individual process.  We must heal of our own accord.  It is your belief in your OWN POWER to HEAL YOURSELF that heals all the wounds you experience: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and yes even financially.

Get up and KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  You are the Divine in manifest form.  Spirit lives in you, not on a cloud waiting for you to suffer through some immortal process to gain favor.  NO!  You were born with favor and you were born with POWER, immense POWER!  Begin to exercise self-mastery and go within to know who you are.  Tap into your well of resources including Divine Health and Live L.I.F.E. fully in every measure as you restore yourself to wholeness.



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