Mistakes Are Part of Your Divinity - Dr. Diva Verdun

Making Mistakes Is Part of Your Divinity

Making mistakes is part of the L.I.F.E. experience and totally unavoidable. Thinking we can live mistake free is a mistake in itself because we are in denial. When we make a decision, in most cases, we are not aware it will be a mistake until the scenario completely is played out.

We may override our intuitive thought process to explore and take the risk, even when we inherently know it may not turn out the way we want. Our curiosity and/or our ego take over as we determine to explore a direction against our intuitive red flags to seek the answers in the outcome we experience for ourselves. This in itself is living.  It is the exploration process that brings forth the meanings and answers that define our experience, even when the are resolute in pain.

A courageous mistake is worth a thousand times more than a fearful compliance. ~Dragos Roua

Mistakes Are Part of Your Divinity - Dr. Diva Verdun L.I.F.E. is about exploration. When we are in the exploration and discovery process we will make some mis-steps. We may lose our footing thinking that a foundation is solid because it looks like it is. Later we discover it is not.

We are like the baby that keeps running by the stove. We tell the baby the stove is hot, but the baby does not know what hot means.  It knows it has been given a warning, but cannot actually comprehend it because there is no awareness of what hot means. So against the warning the baby takes the risk and touches the stove and suddenly realizes its mistake as it draws back its hand and exclaims the word “Hot”. The baby made a conscious decision to override the warning to discover the meaning of the word hot.  This is living.  This is allowing our mistakes to teach us so we can grow. This is part of the Divine process that brings us full circle into the use of our POWER.

Errors or mistakes are part of our growing. We learn from the mistakes we make as we discover more about living and come to understand what we want to experience.

When we are afraid to live because we are afraid we will make a mistake, we are hiding from L.I.F.E. There is absolutely no way to avoid making mistakes. What we can avoid is feeling shame and guilt about making them and come to understand that the actual mistake is what empowered us to live a better experience going forward.

We are born to make mistakes. Mistakes are the discovery process that bring us into the realization of L.I.F.E.  In traditional religion making a mistake is called sin, this is why it is said we are born into sin. The word sin is an Aramaic term (Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke) used in archery, which literally means to miss the mark, miss the target, or make a miss-take (mistake). Sadly, we have not been taught that this term merely means we miss the mark, or make mistakes, so we are not aware that we are literally born into a Divine experience to make mistakes so that we can discover the fullness of our own BEINGness.

Mistakes Are Part of Your Divinity - Dr. Diva VerdunWe are socialized into false fear. We are literally afraid of being wrong and making mistakes because we want to be accepted. However, we do not have to choose to carry shame and guilt around with us because we made a mistake or sinned. We can exercise self-mastery to go within to find the nuggets of truth that teach us jeweled lessons about who we are and what we actually like. When we do this we come to see the mistake as a teaching tool and nothing more.

Making mistakes is a part of living. It is part of our divinity that guides us into truth. If we are too afraid to live, or attempting to do everything perfectly the way society would deem appropriate, then we are not capable of exploring who we are and what we truly like. We are giving up our own individuality to be a robot in a culture that is socialized to act and behave a certain way that is deemed acceptable, giving up our own thirst for L.I.F.E. discovery.

We are then settling to live a complacent experience based on safe comfort zones that literally prevent us from ever knowing how POWERful we actually are. Thus, we never gain enough insight on what we like and settle for what the world dictates we should.

Courage is the ability to completely be immersed in what you’re doing, while being aware of every possible negative outcome of your actions. Without courage, your impact on reality will be drastically diminished. And without a small impact on reality, how can you change it? ~Dragos Roua

You are here to live a full experience of L.I.F.E. and you can only do that through exploration and discovery. This means we will stumble along the way as we discover exactly what we truly like. Know that your mistakes, flaws and imperfections are what determine your uniqueness as you continue to come into the full awareness of your own POWER.



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