Overcoming Mental Spam

Collective thoughts circulate in the Universe like electronic junk mail.  Our minds are like the internet with an inbox that is open to receive anything that is directed to our address.  This is because we are Universally wired to everything.   We are subjected to everyone’s thoughts because there is only ONE MIND in which we all have our BEING.  This ONE MIND is the MIND of GOD.

We each are born with the natural capacity to tap into global consciousness.  This global consciousness is what is known as race thought or race consciousness and has nothing to do with ethnicity.  It has to do with the thoughts of masses of people that we have allowed to control our own individual thinking.  This greatly hinders us from demonstrating greater degrees of love and prosperity in our experience because we are unconsciously aware and subjected to global thinking, which traps us in a thought process that is practiced by the masses.

For example…  we all believe the economy is bad so we must suffer.  Because we are not consciously awake we are not practicing the PRESENCE and living in our Divine Inheritance, which exempts us from this belief.  This is why you have people that are prospering in the midst of a bad economy.  They have taken control of their own individual thoughts and determine what is right for themselves over allowing the race thought to be the dominate factor in their belief system.

Race consciousness is equivalent to mental spam, which is dominated by negative stimuli.  We are immersed in collective thought, which is designed to control our behaviors.  For the most part we have no idea that we are even consciously receiving unwanted and unsolicited mental messages, which are bombarded on us daily in massive dosages.

Our minds are like a receiving station that picks up a wireless signal.  If we have not developed channels in which to distribute this information we will stay unconsciously engrained in the mental spam that we have allowed society to feed us through the collective consciousness of the masses.  In turn, these messages become so bottled up within us creating confusion, despair and fear because we are not aware of the reception we are receiving.

We must learn to separate the signals and divert information into various channels that we can tune into as we feel we need.  This will keep the information from bottle-necking and crystallizing in what we may come to believe is our own thinking.

The law of thought is the greatest reality because it is thoughts that actually produce everything we experience both good and bad.  As we continue to become aware of who we are, we learn the power of our  thoughts and become watchful over our thinking.  We then become guarded so that the collective thought of the masses is not spamming our mental circuits.

As we continue to put on the whole armor and guard ourselves up with truth, we grow in our own POWER to think in alignment with the PRESENCE of the Divine, knowing that we can co-create anything we want to experience through conscious thinking. We no longer fall prey to lack, limitation and fear because of race thought, or the collective consciousness of the people dumping negative energy into the Universe.

You were not given the spirit of fear, but of LOVE, of POWER and a SOUND MIND.  Your mind is yours to control.  You allow the input you want in your mind.  You allow the thoughts that cycle through your mind.  It is your birthright to take charge of your individual mind and plug into the ONE MIND of God so that you are in alignment with positive thinking that will manifest itself into the things you desire to experience in your L.I.F.E.



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