Letting go is not losing, it is opening to abundance - Dr. Diva Verdun

Letting Go is Not Losing – It Is Being Open to Abundance

Just thinking of letting go of anything brings about feelings of loss and pain. We believe that if we simply let go of anything we lose everything.  We hang on to old clothes, old shoes, old things, as well as, old situations, old fears, and old thoughts.  We cling to relationships that no longer serve us for fear of losing something that we currently feel we have possession of, even when we are not happy.  We even hold on to our pains and hurts from childhood because somehow we have made ourselves familiar in our own pain.

We are increasingly uncomfortable with letting go because we feel we are not in control of the space and time that we must process in between what we let go and what we gain.  This fear keeps us grounded in old habits and old processes because we are uncomfortable being out of our comfort zone, even when that zone no longer provides us with peaceful comfort.  We have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable and will stay in this zone because we feel we are in control of it.

Truth is we are totally out of control and that is why we are so miserable being uncomfortable.  However, our fear of moving into the unknown seems to be far more an issue than to stay in the uneasiness of the uncomfortable, comfort zone we are currently living in.

Letting go is not losing, it is opening to abundance - Dr. Diva VerdunWe are not losing anything when we let go, we are actually setting ourselves free so that we are open to receive more.  Spiritually things work the opposite than they do in our natural mental process.  Possession is not spiritual because there is absolutely nothing to possess since we are born owning everything.  Remember, all that thy father has is thine. 

We are not living in the true abundance of our BEING when we feel the need to possess, because to possess something we must believe in loss.  So to feel we possess a person, a relationship, or things we are subjecting ourselves to the potential loss.

The American Dream is not Spiritual at all.  It is physical. It is about possession vs. loss.  The spiritual reality is that you were born with all that is necessary to see your dreams become a reality simply by doing the counter opposite, which is to let go and KNOW God.  We are literally detaching from that which we feel the need to posses, be they ideas, opportunity, people, things and even thoughts.

We are allowing ourselves to let go knowing that in letting go we are exercising our spiritual muscle to manifest that which we desire in our experience by knowing that we were born fully abundant.  All that we desire flows freely to us as we allow it to flow freely through us.  We understand the cycle of giving and receiving and we allow the flow of abundance to simply BE our experience as it continues to flow to us freely.  It is not energy that we hold captive to possess and control.  This allows the energy to go forth into the Universe to bring forth more to us through us. It is the Law of Attraction in action.

You are a fully abundant soul living in a body.  You were born equipped with all you need to be and do all you desire.  There is nothing missing in your experience.  Whatever you do not have is not there because you are attempting to control and possess it over allowing it to freely BE your experience.

As we continue to move through our lives we come into the higher awareness that we never really own anything.  We are not born with any possessions out of the womb and we take no possessions with us to the grave.  All that we attract into our experience comes to us during our L.I.F.E. time through the power of our own mind.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.  It is a magnet that brings to you all you desire through you. It works both positively and negatively because it is no respector of persons. It merely is activated through the process of your own mind.

To possess and control you constrict the flow of abundance, while to relax and let go you open the channel to flow.  Similar to a water hose being bent in half to restrict the flow of water or released to let it flow.  Abundance works the same way.  It is a natural process of giving and receiving.  In letting go we are giving the Universe free reign to give in return and we are open to receive the fullness of that flow.

As we awaken into the full reality of our BEINGness, we begin to realize that we need not posses anything, because we already spiritually own everything.  As we continue to grow deeper in this understanding we open ourselves to be blessed by more as we are expanding our consciousness and the Universe fills it with an equal share.



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